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Thread: PS3 Backup Tool 1.0 Available

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    jevolution Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by NZHawk View Post
    Ive got some friends who say it works, and others that say it doesn't...
    Later tonight Ill add a function to the program, so you can set the order of the file copy process.

    Later Though...
    there's evidently some factors we need to fine tune and finalize in the process. Perhaps you could get information from your friends who got it working... like if they all used the same pkg file we could try to identify the variable that makes the difference between working and not working.

    i'll try on my end to do the same.

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    NZHawk Guest
    Update: 1.2

    - Added Function to choose the order in which to copy the files into the custom backup folder, (In case this is different for each person?, or for testing)

    Attached... Also, On My Site:

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    DavidRx07 Guest


    thanx for the apport!

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    footylad Guest
    Good work NZHawk, keep it up, we might actually get somewhere Regards


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    lazarus6 Guest
    great work, man !

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    Tomboss Guest
    Grazie per la sintesi della situazione, questo mettere il record dritto.

    Buona fortuna

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    ptrci Guest
    Has anyone managed to successfully install a pkg and play it?

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    oxident Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PSPSwampy View Post
    To clarify:-
    1. This tool simply takes a backup of your PS3 and manipulates it so that when restored back to your PS3 again you will have a corrupted icon showing up. (nothing more, nothing less)
    If I've followed this project correctly it looks to me like those tools are only "injecting" some (random?) bytes which the PS3 doesn't refuse when restoring the backup.

    But as far as I've understood your efforts you don't know the encryption algorithm or the key which is used by the PS3 to decipher the backup so the entire project won't result in a possibility to inject homebrew code, will it?

    Please don't get me wrong, I really appreciate the hard work done by some members here!

    Good luck anyway


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    kakarotoks Guest
    yeah, I thought that this hack was a software that would actually decrypt the backup files, then inject a package in the file's structure... as if that pkg was already downloaded into the PS3 before the backup was made, then it would reencrypt the whole thing... As far as I can tell, all it does is take one of the files from the backup and replace it with a pkg *as is*, and apparently the PS3 accepts it and installs the pkg (for some people at least...).

    I don't want to sound pessimistic, but this doesn't seem to be something that could lead anywhere. Having the backup decrypted/injected/encrypted would make for a much safer alternative solution since this can't be patched by Sony, and it would allow us to inject anything into the PS3...

    By the way, quick question, does the backup also contain the firmware? I never tried restoring a backup, but does it free the disc then just copies back the games/movies/music/pictures into the file system? or does it "format" the whole disc, reinstalls the firmware that has been backed up as well as the games/movies/music/pictures? In other words is it just a fancy/encrypted PS3/GAMES+PS3/MOVIES, etc.. directory structure, or is it actually an image of the whole disc ?


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    JeRicHoOL Guest
    What is the difference between this programme and the PS3's own back up system?

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