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    Jan 2008
    Ok, So let me clear something up, What is the order to copy the files?

    Even I'M confused...

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    Jan 2007
    Yea,.. the confusion has spread wildly..

    Before the beta test and the beta test itself was not about renaming a .pkg to .dat, i guess it was just backing up your hdd, formatting it, backing it up again, and replacing one or two files from the first into the second.

    then after the beta test the whole renaming .pkg's came about...and we are still yet to see anything about an algorithm as referenced in the first post...

    but we will see

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    Can I Play Isos (Games) Wihh this Tool?

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    Quote Originally Posted by crimer2121 View Post
    Can I Play Isos(Games) Wihh this Tool?
    The only tool here is you. Please read before you ask stupid questions. Pspswampy please reply to him and give it both barrels.

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    i will try this some time.. seems promising

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    Jan 2009
    thx for the good work !!!

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    About to try this tool, hopefully will not erase my hd.

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    Nice NZHawk and keep up the great work you are doing, it is much appreciated.

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    Jan 2008
    Ive got some friends who say it works, and others that say it doesn't...
    Later tonight Ill add a function to the program, so you can set the order of the file copy process.

    Later Though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NZHawk View Post
    version 1.1 Attached.

    Fixed an error...

    Can someone edit the first post, as I cant...
    Yep, I will update it tonight... although it sounds like you may have another version ready soon too.


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