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    Newbie tworok's Avatar
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    Jan 2008

    Quote Originally Posted by Rami2007 View Post
    is this basically an iso loader (pkg loader)?
    so I can install full games like pain?
    not even close to that, nice try.. it is just a GUI to do what the .bat/.exe file did

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    May 2006

    Ive got an error at 99% but i follow well the tutorial??
    I tried whith a empty ps3 (with old 40gb DD) and it's not working, some people can confirm that's thing works?

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    Newbie netfix's Avatar
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    Mar 2008

    en gros jerem73 ,ca ne marche toujours pas ,toujours l erreur a 99% c ca ?????

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    Jun 2008

    What did your applicaton exactly do!?

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    Thank you i will try !!
    let us hope that it work ...

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    Jan 2009

    backup less of 4gb with 40gb pal ps3, not working for me

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    May 2006

    I heard that we need a 41gb backup minimum for this exploit works, somebody can confirm that too ?

    @netfix: Pour l'instant, mais je continue de tester (bizarre de poster en franšais ici )
    Last edited by jerem73; 01-09-2009 at 08:13 AM

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    Quote Originally Posted by stef1578 View Post
    for me
    no broken icon or icone (16gb backup) and loss all my saved games

    i've try with wipout HD
    reinstall original backup

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    Apr 2005

    Work with windows xp 32bits and windows server 2003 32 bits

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    guys can someone explain please what is this application do?


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