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    luix Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by LotusOmega View Post
    It doesn't work for me like 1.0 on my debug station...
    this is cause we also need a stick like psjailbreak for debug/test units. i tried playing backups with the backup manager 1.1 on my test unit -> IT DOESN'T WORK. also if i replace the original EBOOT.BIN with the debug EBOOT.BIN.
    i am on 3.20 and also my psgroove dongle doesn't work. hopefully the stick works on 3.40 or 3.41 fw.

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    d1slact0r Guest
    Just tried and neither working for me, I am on 3.40 firmware.

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    luix Guest
    so its not possible at the moment to use a backup manager on a debug/test unit. sad but true, hopefully something makes a working backup manager and stick for us debug/test owners. everyone is playing with a retail unit, so i think it will last long to get a solution on our debug/test units

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    luix Guest
    can someone confirm that the dongle/backup manager method works in any way on a debug/test unit??

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    d1slact0r Guest
    It doesn't work in any way, I used my TI-84 and I am on 3.40 fw.

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