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Thread: PS3 Backup Explorer v1.0 Homebrew Game Manager is Released

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    tHeCuTtEr Guest
    This doesn't work because my application uses Microsoft .Net WPF which is not supported in Mono (Open Source .Net Framework). Sorry!

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    BlaZingPenguin Guest
    this explorer desperately needs to add recursive checks for games.

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    rsa84 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ninjanutta2 View Post
    on win 7, try running in xp compatibility for me, wouldn't even open otherwise.
    Not working even in compatibility mode error detail below, how many games do you have in the directory? it worked fine hen i had just a few of them then started to change folder because program only looks for game in the first dir and i had \GAMENAME\BLESxxx\ and did not find those games now all games with \BLESxxx starts creating list then crashes
    Assinatura do problema:
      Nome do Evento de Problema:	CLR20r3
      Assinatura do Problema 01:	ps3 backup explorer.exe
      Assinatura do Problema 02:
      Assinatura do Problema 03:	4d4f1070
      Assinatura do Problema 04:	PresentationCore
      Assinatura do Problema 05:
      Assinatura do Problema 06:	4ba2361f
      Assinatura do Problema 07:	4408
      Assinatura do Problema 08:	1b6
      Assinatura do Problema 09:	System.NotSupportedException
      Versão do SO:	6.1.7600.
      ID de Região:	2070
      Informações Adicionais 1:	9610
      Informações Adicionais 2:	96100d18ca8605cdce1d22a575efc590
      Informações Adicionais 3:	6745
      Informações Adicionais 4:	674517d49178f8f99491bc1d5f3f50e5
    Found the problem, it was a faulty game folder (incomplete) that caused the crash. Sugestion to author: isn't it possible to add a option to look for bigfiles so we can know witch one are not able to external? thanks for the app.

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    davbr Guest
    thanks for the download.

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