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Thread: PS3 Backup Explorer v1.0 Homebrew Game Manager is Released

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    StealthMode Guest
    Awesome! This will really come in handy. Too bad there isn't an OSX version..

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    Jes03 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by greaper8 View Post
    So when you have say 10 folders with BCUS98229 type names, you can tell what folder contains what games.
    As it doesn't matter what the dir is called do what I do and have them all like this;

    BCES00850 Little Big Planet 2
    BLES00989 Enslaved
    BCES00569 Gran Turismo

    That way you don't need any managers as you can see what is what via explorer. This way you know what game it is and also the sony number so you can find updates and the game dir via FTP easier.

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    changlo Guest
    In Windows 7 both 64 and 32 bit, with Dot Net 4 installed, the program opens, connects and downloads 2 title names, then crashes.. Everytime.. Using OpenPs3FTP 1.3

    Hopefully a fix will come out.

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    greaper8 Guest
    Thanks i didn't know you could do that, will it still show up in multimanager the same way? i am guessing it will as MM knows the game name when it is labled BLES989. etc

    But i have 280 games, so would take a while to name them all

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    Jes03 Guest
    Yea, but after you've renamed then you don't need any game managers to see what games what. I've used just about all the game managers there are and I still think explorer is the easiest and best.

    All Backup Managers work fine with naming like this. I've always done it since my first backup all those months ago and still to the latest backup which was 2 days ago and still all work fine.

    If you want you can name the dirs, 1, 2, 3, A, B, C or whatever you like. It doesn't go on the dir name it goes by the PARAM.SFO. If you rename it in the PARAM.SFO then its renamed in the BM.

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    tHeCuTtEr Guest
    Did you use OpenPS3FTP 1.3 or OpenPS3FTP 1.3 V2? Yesterday jjolano twittered: "perhaps i should test my stuff before i package and upload it #fail" - I don't know if he means 1.3 V2... I only tested it with 1.3 (V1).

    If I got some time the next days I try to support Multimans FTP too and implement some logging to easily find bugs.

    Do you have some good ideas for new features in PS3 Backup Explorer?

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    ninjanutta2 Guest
    on win 7, try running in xp compatibility for me, wouldn't even open otherwise.

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    Skaven Guest
    i most say it took me some time to understand the ftp folder structure i needed to put in to the app my settings is


    can't you please update or make readme file explaining to noobs how to put in ftp structure please

    and if somebody need to haw standard confg you only need to remove the folder (thecutter) C:\Users\acount user name\AppData\Local\thecutter

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    tHeCuTtEr Guest
    Sorry, I have my standard settings as default.

    With the next version I will write a readme and add some hints in the ftp window.

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    Skaven Guest
    do you have any plans to make a linux/osx version of the app?

    maybe make java version so can run on linux and windows and osx?

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