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  1. #21
    nukester Guest
    i think all the people making open managers should combine all there efforts together to make one super duper open manager.

  2. #22
    lorddragon69 Guest
    that would be one awesome manager if they did collaborate their efforts together.

  3. #23
    mcx997 Guest
    i's great tool, using it

  4. #24
    d3adliner Guest
    hey dean...

    i noticed that if patched mode is enabled, it no longer displays any games installed on the hdd. it only shows the disc that's in the drive.

    also, here's a mock-up of what I was thinking of for one of the new views.

  5. #25
    d3adliner Guest
    With selected game highlighted to match the background.

  6. #26
    RafeDonson Guest
    Where do the covers have to go for this to see them?

  7. #27
    deank Guest
    In patched mode it displays only the HDD titles TRANSFERRED while in patched mode.

    I added the IP address, so here is how the crowded lower part of the screen looks (that is if you have 3 USB devices + a game disc inserted)

    I'll post the PKG and the SRC later (with the ftp root fixed).

  8. #28
    deank Guest


    Edit options.ini and put proper paths in hdd_dir and hdd_base:

    (FTP the .ini after you edit it on your PC).

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Here is the latest compiled PKG and the source. SDK 3.40 required to compile. The compiled PKG has FTP server with root / access.


  9. #29
    lew000 Guest

    is this has the same features as open manager 1.16?

    what's the difference between patch mode v1 and v2?? is this needed hermes_v3 hex?

  10. #30
    Chelo4 Guest


    thank you but I have my backups in the carpet name gamez in the external hdd and in the dev hd in game/ lauchn12345 what i acnat do to this work i be waiting your answer thank you

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