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    deank Guest
    Here is what I got for today:

    options.ini (or options_default.ini)

    [Register or Login to view code]

    As posted earlier, if you have "options.ini" or "options_default.ini" saved on external USB HDD/flash, the program will use it.

    * New options in the .ini


    * Additinal "cover" mode (with [L1]) (see the screenshot attached). Have in mind that is just a draft, because I had just about one hour to work on it.

    * AVCHD and BDMV folders supported
    - BDMV is mounted as Blu-ray video disc (not playing at my end, tho)


    p.s. BOSS, can you update the first post for me?

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    deank Guest
    This is a screencap from the default display mode. Don't forget that you can switch different layouts with [L1] and set your preferred one in the .ini.


  3. #103
    d3adliner Guest
    This just keeps getting better and better! Thanks!

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    p.s. BOSS, can you update the first post for me?
    Done as requested- Thanks deanrr!

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    deank Guest
    Feedback on this release is welcome. I'll polish the new "cover" mode to support either games' ICON0.PNG or external covers repository + an option in the ini where to look for the covers.

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    Bigshon Guest
    Dean, I love your managers I was just asking if you have an option.ini you already liked from the previous release can you keep that one.

  7. #107
    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    At the moment I have implemented options.ini (or options_default.ini) from external USB hdd or flash/stick.
    Great news. You're spoiling us all dean ...

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    deank Guest
    Let me explain how "options.ini" works:

    The installer uses "options_default.ini". It will not overwrite your options.ini and will load the one you have.

    If there is no "options.ini" in manager's folder it will load the default one.

    If you put "options.ini" or "options_default.ini" in the root folder of an external USB device, the program will load it and will ignore the .ini files stored in manager's folder.

    So, the best thing to do is to use your own "options.ini' file either on external USB or in manager's folder - it will never be overwritten.


    Quote Originally Posted by GrandpaHomer View Post
    Great news. You're spoiling us all dean ...
    It's not a spoiler. It is in the latest update, linked few posts up.

    Oh, you meant "making you lazy"

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    Bigshon Guest
    Thanks for making it clear. You doing a great job with these managers.

  10. #110
    cpaiva68 Guest
    thanks for ur manager, it's great.. can you get the anti-child options?

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