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    PS3 AsbestOS v2.01 Installer Now Renamed as BootOS Arrives

    Today Kmeaw has updated his PS3 AsbestOS Installer to v2.01, which is now renamed as BootOS at the request of Marcan42.

    Download: PS3 BootOS v2.01 Installer

    From Marcan42's Twitter: "I would appreciate it if kmeaw stopped using the AsbestOS name for his hacked up project, and released his modified source as per the GPL.

    Anyone is free to modify it, but unless you're contributing to mainline, don't use the name "AsbestOS". And you must release source."

    To quote: No, it's not a new application. We just uploaded a new version of our asbestos installer and decided in the process to give it a new name.

    Quick release notes:
    • New name (duh!)
    • Hosting problem is solved.

    • Delete asbestOS installer, install bootOS and run.
    • Launch it from lv2 patcher.

    I'll update later, with more info.

    PS3 AsbestOS v2.01 Installer Now Renamed as BootOS Arrives

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    Where's the source code?

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    That's spooky, I was just thinking that no ones comment on this since it was posted, almost 18 hours ago, and wondering was it because of no source code?

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    I have a feeling you'll never see it.. what are they going to do about it.. sue a pseudonym?

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    where's the source code? It looks like it's just another of abestos

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    After I get "install debian linux" message then my controllers doesen't work anymore and I can't press X to install

    My PS3 Fat 40GB CECHG, have heared that others have same problems with that version. Sometimes it even don't get to Install linux message, before that ps3 shuts down and red light gets blinking.

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    I believe you have to have a k/board and mouse connected, once you get to that stage, as the drivers are not loaded for the controller.

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    Everyone can take a look at the source code easily as it has been available for quite a while:;a=summary

    And here is a attachment of a recent release.

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    May I offer a new possibility for a name??

    Try something like Graff Hot.. I think there should be a tribute to our fallen heros and as a bonus how cool is it when $ony checks our hd`s what we run and they see our tribute to them...

    Let's unite and make one front against those greedy $ony people!!

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    While Graf and GH have made valid contributions to the PS3 Scene, the Dev's for this particular project shouldn't need to name their application after two people who have had little/no direct involvement with it.

    The Dev's of this project may wish to credit them in a README (if infact they used methods contributed by either Graf or GH) but by no means should they tribute anything of their project if it is entirely their work.

    Also, if Sony did see a HDD with something like that listed on it then it'll probably be the last time you go on PSN too.

    Thanks to the Dev's for this one, very grateful for Linux to be back

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