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    can you add dragon age 2 Black emporium DLC and the exiled prince? thanks

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    can't wait for the european games version.. thanks for the app.

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    PKG Downloader v2.5 Released- Adds Games + 60 Min Trials

    Today 2615863 has updated his PS3 homebrew application called PKG Downloader to version 2.5, which now adds more PlayStation 3 games and 60-minute trials.

    Download: PKG Downloader v2.5 for PS3

    To quote: The latest release is being released by a new name, TeamSOS. The new release of PKG Downloader includes more links + extras.

    I was about to add European content but I didn't feel like the US content was complete. So i'm going to add demos too and and other US stuff, then I'm probably adding European stuff.

    • Switched Latest Update Host (Fileden, Still sucks)
    • Adds Full Games
    • Adds 60 Min Trials (Ps+)
    • Adds new splash screen
    • Adds new about page
    • New logo
    • Adds new Icon
    • Took off donations

    Note:You might get an error for the update, like I said before its the file host, so just try again until it says something.

    PKG Downloader v2.5 for PS3 Released, Adds Games and Trials

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    the download is for the initial release.

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    I see it's named the same, but did you give it a try... as the date of the file shows March 25 which would be new. I don't have .NET installed here at the moment or I'd give it a try myself.

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    Hello! I download the GT5 Prologue with this, but i can't play, because i have Sign in PSN: 80029516 message. What do I do? Sorry my english!


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    I would really like to the see the Killzone 3 DLC pack added in this list.

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    full game? does it mean if you install the game it will work without activation?
    Last edited by SOPH2010; 03-26-2011 at 08:20 AM

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    This would be more useful if it download demos (and told me what to do with them to get them installed...) for those of us who can no longer connect through PSN...
    Quote Originally Posted by SOPH2010 View Post
    full game? does it mean if you install the game it will work without activation?
    No. If you click on "About", it states that you must have already purchased the game.
    Last edited by jarvis; 03-26-2011 at 10:19 AM Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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    so what's the point of this? if you are able to purchase the game then you're connected to the Internet therefore you're able to download it through psn...

    Unless you want to download the demo, then there's no point downloading dlc for games because it will not activate hence the game will not work... so this program is useless.


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