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  1. #11
    Undertaker1986 Guest
    I hope the european version comes soon.

  2. #12
    leukotic Guest
    Yeah, it seems it is the site itself that is triggering our AV's. Shortly after posting my last reply, I remembered that every time somebody in a forum links a picture or file hosted at ripway, I get a alert from my AV and it blocks the site.

  3. #13
    cackalack Guest
    all patches, cfw, hacks, keygens etc are viruses or malicious software don't forget all these are designed to alter operation systems or programmes that are closed source and not meant to be touched only via original vendors updates, so for the safety of your hardware AV programmes will flag most of them as malicious.

  4. #14
    kmjansen83 Guest
    does this even work as most dlc have a licence needed to play?

  5. #15
    givemethefile Guest
    I don't think this will work as mentioned it needs to activate the DLC before it can be used, and there is no known way of doing that without the NPDRM keys.

  6. #16
    mrgreaper Guest
    anyone tried it on some dlc ? i am like other posters sure it wouldn't work but if i was near my ps3 at moment i would test it.

  7. #17
    zebular Guest
    I don't have any of the games it has DLC for so I can't give it a try.

  8. #18
    boarder1042 Guest

  9. #19
    dorlandow Guest
    I tried the dlc on my rockband. It works great. thanks

  10. #20
    DMagic1 Guest
    You tried anything else? Anyone else get positive results with this?

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