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    Senior Member cfwprophet's Avatar
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    Ok some good news folks. Had some time to play around and test hacked files. First i want to say again thx to the p3j dev for sending me some test samples, teaching me and listen to my totally silly theorys. ^^

    Got it working !!! ACID CFW is running but dont expect to much and in near future. RCO´s are working and Install PKG file, App_home/PS3_game, VMC for ps1/ps2, Title Store Preview (in game), Title Store Preview (xmb) and Quick Sign Up are working now.

    Next step i will play around with the xRegistry.sys file.Allready started to do it and it seems that i have made a misstake because my ps3 freezed for a few times.The console wasnt bootable something crossed each other and caused a system freez.To my surpise the slim of my friend was again bootable after 3 or 4 times my system freezed.After that i wanted to give a look into the xReg and dumped it back to my pc.Strang thing was that my hacked xreg was renamed to xRegistry.sys.val and a new clean working reg file was instead on the place of my hacked one.

    This does mean that the ps3 in case of a xreg error will gen a new one and use this instead of the not working file.

    Good for us... give us room to play around with this file. Maybe i found out how to activate the debug options in the systemconfig category.But i need to test this.

    If i have time today i will upload a new 3.41 hack pack.

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    Nice but i think you have to create instead of a new 3.41 pack a little HOW TO for the n00bz that can't use your "CFW"

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    Awesome hack my boy. Thanks!

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    Is it possible to connect to psn using this?

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    No and maybe never will be. Even if we are able to fake the fw version sony can find out that your using a jb and cfw and for sure will ban you.

    Hope that some one will do a custom hb server that is able to clone or fake the sce servers.

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    any news on your new hackpack?

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    Here it is the ACID 0.001 (3.41) Hack Pack for the ACID CFW xml hacks: rapidshare.com/files/428620605/ACID_0.001__3.41_.rar

    All files are included so no need to download additional files and no need to have a dump of your dev_flash folder. Just extract the rar to your usb stick and you're done.

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    thanks man, will try now

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    Thx for the files, do i need a USB hub for this? Because my PS3 have only 2 USB cables thank you!

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    i tried with jaicrab loader and with the new cfw loader but i can't see if it works. i just extracted the rar to a fat thumbdrive and started the loader after reload of xmb everything looks like before and i can't find the other settings.

    did i do something wrong or is there no noticeable difference?

    edit: forget it, it works!

    thank you
    Last edited by crckmc; 11-03-2010 at 08:33 AM


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