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    Contributor Lancia3's Avatar
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    I tried scetool for fixing Rune Factory eboot or Disgaea 4 update but i still get Error: Could not decrypt header. Can someone help me?


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    cars 2 also working

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    I found the problem with R3. one of the patches was wrong and it actually kills it.
    If you look inside the PKG it has an extra file which kills the game where the other PKG was only the EBOOT and PARAM.SFO files.
    The working patch for me is EP9000-BCES01118_00-RESISTANCE3PF105-A0105-V0100.PKG

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    My question would be, where did this keys come from? how did the hacker access these keys? did he get other FW keys?

    BTW guys Leaked is the legal term of release

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    I used the keys and modded the EBOOT for captain america super soldier, worked great !!

    Looking forward to the next keyset release.

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    I think/hope/wish with DEX Debugger-mode and Target-Manager but i'm noob

    Please can anyone explain to me, why/how Multiman 4 3 3 DEX is startable on a DEX-OFW-420?

    AND if we make our debug-updates to play from usb-bd-emu, wouldn't it be possible to start our games with PSN-Style-full-game-pkg??
    Thank a lot


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    This is excellent news, damn I missed a lot in the week I was gone for. Looking at the list of games we can now fix, I now realize that most of the good games in the list have already been fixed long ago.

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    They kinda are already fixed but some games do have updates to them that are 3.6 and so now that can be fixed.

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    well it looks like it time to start playing around to get this going, i think i got something figured out but i test before i put any links up it is looking good for all games under 4.01 firmware but not above yet key word yet stay tuned folks cheers and without this site i would be able to proceed now and help other hopefully.

    cheers ladies and gents mod, admins, propjoe and paid members, and of course rest of contributors.

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    anybody else has problems with dungeon siege 3 on dex 3.55 mfw? somehow i can only get it to run with dex usb bdemu, as the pkg fix give me only blackscreen.


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