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  1. #21
    darkghost141 Guest
    Good job, keep it up e3 !

  2. #22
    EiKii Guest
    erm do they have anything with this to do? i don't think so, prove otherwise

  3. #23
    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Some things not on that list have already been completed.

  4. #24
    darkghost141 Guest
    yeah of course there is, they officially stated that they would release v3.60+ keys

  5. #25
    hey69 Guest
    A new uncharted 3 release would be nice. The old hack gives very long loadtimes

  6. #26
    Neo Cyrus Guest
    It hasn't even been a full day... I was just saying that for anyone who didn't know.

  7. #27
    merlino15 Guest
    Now with this we can use all games?

  8. #28
    StanSmith Guest
    This is awesome news. Its also about time they were released. Now there is just about no need for a DRM dongle

    TAKE THAT! Just before they release another dongle there is now no need. LOL!

    Nope. There are still games with higher firmware keys. I tried Lollypop chainsaw and it crashes when I try to decode the EBOOT.BIN as its a 4.00+ firmware game I think? Lets just hope the next set of keys are released soon then we will be able to play all games.

  9. #29
    racer0018 Guest
    This is great news indeed. We will have to wait and see what happens on this. Thanks

  10. #30
    Blade86 Guest
    He guys How comes that MM is the ONLY startable homebrew on DEX4.11+? How did he managed it?

    full-game-pkg or XMB-PSN-STLE games are not startable on 4.11+... Could we change our debug-update-pks into full-game-pkg?

    Happy on a 256MB NAND PS3 with GUI-Interface to switch between DEX 4.20; 4.11; 3.55 OFW & DEX-3.55-CFW


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