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Thread: PS3 3.60 Keys Leaked, New PlayStation 3 EBOOTs Decrypted & More!

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    trekkky Guest
    sooo glad I haven't updated my kmeaw ps3. A chance for all those peeps still on custom firmware to catch up on games... finally.

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    paulophms Guest
    It's great to see some progress with the scene after soooo long. But I'm still going to wait a little to do anything with this kind of information on my ps...

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    Olegsk Guest
    It's great! It's just great! Almost every day a great news. I hope for 3.60CFW or something.

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    frees123 Guest
    Nice that Rogero is already working on the new CFW for the 3.60 games!

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    Hipmans Guest
    seems a bit early for X-mas but this sure is a nice gift

    Anybody want a dongle? LOL

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    lolong Guest
    this method is still using dongle or NOT ?? i don't understand with GTAIV BLES, can not be play, it is not blank screen anymore but after back to XMB from multiman, then press app/ps3game, it will go back again to XMB ?

    also with silent hill downpour, it also back to XMB again ?

    btw inside the package NPDRM folder, the note said using eboot NPDRM FW 3.55, my question is OFW 3.55 or CFW 3.55 ??

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    Mat03111984 Guest
    on multiman, boot with select+X

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    elser1 Guest
    i am just wondering if the same method that produced these keys can be used on 4.21 for the 4.21 keys?

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    The same thing wonders me. On the 3.60 CFW topic, I wouldn't get my hopes to early for this, it's still a way to go.

    I mean, even if some1 manages to pee/poke 3.60 FW correctly and port BDEMU, there's a chance that one can be stuck on 3.60 CFW for a long time - 3.60+ has a blacklist (or is it whitelist?) of all bootleg keys (or apps?), including the key used to sign updates (there's a special key for that too, on PS3, am I right? something like that).

    So, whereares 3.55 allows us to install anything, updating to anything custom-made from 3.60 further on can be a problem, unless we remove/modify blacklists/whitelists.

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    snil Guest
    cool news, btw can somebody share eboot fix for sinper ghost warrior? I am not so clever to do it myself

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