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    moja Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bcguy35 View Post
    I updated my PS3 FW to geohot. My question is how do I downgrade to 3.41? Do I need to install the OFW 3.55 and then downgrade from there?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Yes, that is exactly what I would do, from recovery mode. I prefer starting with a fresh, clean firmware before making any jumps.

    Also, I have not had any freezing issues with 3.55CFW (came from 3.41JB). Again, it is possible that moving directly from one modified fw to another, without first running a clean ofw, could have contributed to someone's issues. I am only speculating, but to be comfortable I'll flash ofw every time. Happy modding.

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    MAiNPRoToCoL Guest
    What are the details in the DIY downgrader dongle?

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    Apr 2005
    Bumping a thread from 4+ months ago is probably not a good idea as nobody will reply... I'm closing this old thread up now.

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