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    Natepig Guest

    PS3 3.55 to 3.41 Firmware Downgrader is Now Available!

    Just under a week ago we reported on news of a successful PS3 downgrade from 3.55 to 3.41 Firmware, however, it ended up not being reproducible until a PS3 3.55 to 3.41 Firmware Downgrader arrived today courtesy of solidpsycho through a guide from AmazingLarry.

    Download: Lv2diag_355 / PS3 3.55 Downgrade (3.41)

    To quote: Here is a patched 3.41 that allows you to downgrade. I patched the info0 to 356, and I also used Warrens method to bypass the br drive during the update. I have tested this on both of my PS3's and haven't run into any problems.

    3.55 Downgrade has been confirmed on both FAT and SLIM consoles.

    Please note you CANNOT use these files if you bought a PS3 that came stock with FW 3.50. DO NOT DO IT. STOP NOW.


    You may want to download geo's 3.55-jb and install that and blackb0x ftp if you have not, it will be very useful for the next bit.

    Blackb0x FTP server 1.2: Blackb0xFTP for 3.55 FW

    If you have a fat PS3 with 256MB NAND you will need to back up your dev_flash folders, as you WILL LOSE BLURAY PLAYBACK. (on my FAT model i restored the DRL1 and DRL2 files in del_flash(2?) I did get to however keep all of my signed 3.55-jb homebrew, and it all works in retail mode except of course backup managers)

    If you have a Small NAND SLIM or FAT console it would be a good idea to do one or both of the following:

    In the XMB perform a system backup to save installed Homebrew you may have and gamesaves etc.. to an external device (i did this with my slim and it worked perfectly, all my installed signed homebrew from 3.55-jb works in retail 3.41 now)


    make a COMPLETE backup of your HDD on your ps3 using ftp, although i dont think installed packages can be moved back over simply by ftp. i only tested the first method.

    And now to downgrade:

    You will need a downgrader dongle, search the forums for a DIY or buy one, or get an android/iphone, or an ipod nano, etc...

    1) Unplug or switch off your console and then switch back on or plug back in.

    2) While still OFF connect your Jailbreak/Downgrade device and press POWER then quickly Eject, you PS3 console should turn itself off automatically

    3) OPTIONAL - Turn your PS3 on to verify you are in Service Mode (you will see a big red box, you can't miss it) then turn your PS3 back OFF

    4) Place the lv2diag.self (FILE 1) from the archive and the PS3UPDAT.PUP (3.41 FW) from the archive on the root of a usb device and plug into the rightmost port on your console (dev_usb0)

    5) Power on your PS3 with the usb device in and have a coffee, it can take a few moments for the PUP to install, your PS3 will turn off automatically

    NOTE: if your system seems unresponsive and the light just stays green for ten minutes or more you need to use a different usb stick. i've had sporadic results with several different sticks.

    6) Power your ps3 back on, you should still be in service mode, check your FW version now to verify you have downgraded successfully. Turn Off

    7) Remove previous archive files from usb stick and now place lv2diag.self (FILE 2) on the root of your usb stick

    8) Place usb stick in rightmost port of your PS3 (dev_usb0)

    9) Turn PS3 back on with usb in place, it should turn itself off very shortly after.

    10) Turn your PS3 back on and go through the configuration again.

    5C3B09C7FB0655D3F8852D3AAD778025 PS3UPDAT.PUP (3.41 FW)
    099F33A7967F99E91C07E870FD78B3DB Lv2diag.self (FILE 1)
    7A20BFDAE65EEFB47A4425DB1B52DCDE Lv2diag.self (FILE 2)

    All done!

    Thanks mathieulh, solidpsycho, and everyone else.

    Below is a video from PSGroove (linked above) and from Quakes69:

    Log: Notice "os version = 03.4100" 8 lines from the bottom.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Finally, from rms: http://rms.dukio.com/?p=19

    [Register or Login to view code]

    This means that the manufacturing_updater_for_reset.self file was started successfully, and it found a PS3 update file on the drive, and it set the polling interval so the SELF can retrieve the file using some poll() like function. Now, hereís where updaters diverge. Older PS3s use NAND and newer PS3s use NOR and vFlash. vFlash is where the flash device is actually the hard disk. If vflash is enabled, you get this in the updater log:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    What this means, is that its creating 3 regions, 1 FAT16, thatís where the dev_flash directory is, and one UFS partition, along with another raw. If youíre using NAND, youíll see:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Whatís happening here is that itís formatting /dev_flash, dev_flash2, and dev_flash3 as FAT16, and flagging the other 2 regions as ROS, both backup and current Core OS. If one uses NOR, they will see:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Whatís happening is here that the regions on the hard disk are abstracted to the fake devices dev_flash2/3 and dev_flash, along with the 2 ROS regions. Remember, the header stays static, but the 7,340,000 byte part is replaced. ROS is never formatted. Then UPL.xml.pkg is read and then the updater enumerated which packages to install. It first starts with Package revoke, which is stored as trvk_pkg0/1 in NOR/NAND, then it updates Core OS, followed by VSH and all of the tarballs it has. Then, the updater updates the Bluray drive Revoke list which it calls ďBul-rayĒ. Hereís another place where the 2 PS3 types diverge:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Here, we can see that the BD revoke list is also updated, but on NAND, since the dev_flash3 files were wiped, we have the out of sync situation. Then the program revoke list is flashed as trvk_prg0/1. On NOR consoles, the BD drive firmware is also flashed:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    After this BD firmware is also updated. Following that, MultiCard firmware is flashed, followed by Bluetooth firmware, then we see that the SYSCON is patched with the 4864 byte firmware update. Then, the updater does some postprocessing on the system to finalize firmware installation, then verifies the firmware. We then see the output of the log, the final installed system information, along with updater time:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Breach Guest
    Great news. Keep up the good work

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Thanks for the news natepig and +Rep as well!

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    This does work, however, i HIGHLY recommend backing up ALL of your dev_flashes & ALL of your HDD via FTP. This may take a while depending on the space used on your HDD. This way you can restore anything that gets broken by downgrade. This includes PSN content, gamesaves, blu-ray playback (if not previously broken by downgrading). I have downgraded/upgraded multiple times with all of the current downgrade methods, because i backed up EVERYTHING, i have been able to easily restore all of the above mentioned.

    edit: Anything in the "game" folder can be FTPed back over afterwords, rebuild the database via recovery menu & all content is restored to XMB.

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    theprinceofweed Guest
    Do I have flash my usbjailbreak with any new updated downgrade file or will the 3.50 file be ok? Oh and thanks for all your hard work! :-)

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    Jusplayn Guest
    great work! You know if there will be anyway to downgrade from a pre-installed 3.50? Can i upgrade to 3.55 and then downgrade with this? Thanks...

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    Denida Guest
    Make sure you backup EVERYTHING before though as others have reported problems with downgrading, for example CECH-2502A models have been reporting to brick.

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    Transient Guest
    Hmm, so what's the reason a PS3 that came stock with 3.50 can't use this method? I downgraded a Slim which came with 3.50 to 3.41 using the old method without any problem, so I'm curious why upgrading to 3.55 would make it not work.

    Disregard my comment above. The Slim I bought is model CECH-21 so that means someone updated it before I got to it if that chart in the OP is right. Interesting.

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    elser1 Guest
    KOOL... been waiting for this sort of thing.. i live in brisbane australia and i'm not sure if i still have a ps3 left!! we have been flooded like never before (you may have seen this on your news)... fingers crossed i can use this when i can return home.. if i still have a home...

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    killabudz Guest
    i have slim with 3.42 is there anything i can do with this firmware yet?

    or do i update to 3.55 then downgrade?

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