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    spewfr Guest

    Cool PS2 ISO to XMB Conversion Command-Line GUI v1.0 Beta for PS3 Out

    Following up on my PS2Classics Guide on Converting ISOs to XMB PS2 Games guide, today I (Spewfr) have released a PS2 ISO to XMB Conversion Command-Line GUI v1.0 Beta for PS3 users complete with source code.

    Download: PS2iso2pkg.rar (3 MB) / PS2iso2pkg.rar (Mirror)

    I recently decided to start converting my PS2 ISO's for use with the PS3 system; here you have a Command-Line GUI that I think is simple to use.

    NOTE THAT THIS TOOL uses the same RAP key for every game it processes (the same one that PS2Classics GUI uses, so credit to them for all of the hard work over at ps3dev-network)

    If enough positive feedback is given to this project, I will continue to enable BIN formats and add other changes...

    What this program will do:
    • Create a PKG and RAP for your ISO
    • Pros: Can launch the game from XMB at any point
    • No multi-man required
    • Cons: Requires disc space (but you can use a game data switcher)
    • Requires installation of multiple RAP's


    1. Place your icons files inside of the Images folder
    2. Run PS2iso2pkg.exe
    3. Enter the PS2 Game ID
    4. Enter the PS2 Game Title
    5. Follow the On-Screen Instrucions
    6. WAIT until all [9] processes have completed
    7. COPY the "exdata" and "packages" folder to an external HDD
    8. Install the PKG entitled with your Game ID
    9. Install and run reActPSN (included in packages folder)
    10 You're all good!

    Source is included in src, Please leave a comment explaining any problems you face (I hope none )

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I have now promoted the news to the main page and +Rep for sharing spewfr!

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    rodrigues22 Guest
    TKS for the awesome job... I spend hours to convert a ps2iso to ps2classic and you just saved me

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    spewfr Guest
    Thank you so much for sharing my tool! It is truly an honor I will continue to make more of these simple batch scripts for other tools to make them easier to use, as they are fun to make & save lots of time!! Again, thank you so much

    I'm working on a tool to convert old PS2 Game saves to VME encrypted format, although you need a soft-modded PS2 (or digital access to your memory card) for copying the save to an external harddrive for modification and encryption

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    StanSmith Guest
    Doesn't work. The Content ID it spits out is wrong.

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    NTA Guest
    I miss the good old days when I had cfw on my ps3 T_T

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    StanSmith Guest
    Ok, new problem. It made the file ISO.BIN.ENC and its saved in ISO dir. (Thats the right place???) It now says "Move ENC to game dir" WHICH dir? There is no GAME dir. I've moved it to every dir and it still refuses to pass this part.

    Found it, its NOT GAME dir, its TOOLS dir

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    spewfr Guest
    Explain your problem, or take a screenie.

    Check the source code, it will tell you exactly what every step is doing...

    To quote from the tool's on-screen instructions: (read the readme...)


    1. Click on the ENCRYPT tab [Top of the GUI]
    2. Select your ISO at the "Decrypted Image" field
    5. Select "Add LIMG Sector" [if applicaple]
    4. Change the "Content ID" field to as stated below
    5. Press "Encrypt"
    7. Save as "ISO" in the "tools" folder

    I really should change those numbers... lol

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    imawinner Guest
    will this work with any old/original ps2 iso?

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    superzampa Guest
    It works! I'm playing kingdom hearts 2 and love it

    Thanks a lot mate! <3

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