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Thread: PS2 ISO to XMB Conversion Command-Line GUI v1.0 Beta for PS3 Out

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    articbudu Guest
    bro... can post the video how to make this.. please?

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    spewfr Guest
    The method by xXRagnarokXx won't work because VMC1 is not loaded by most PS2 games.

    I suggest you remove it

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    mohsen1364 Guest
    Thank you

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    joaox Guest
    I'm not able to display the saved data utility (ps2) in XMB some command

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    deicidemilan Guest
    thx for hard work guys

    v4 finally works perfect tnx spewfr!!!

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    Treychik Guest
    where should I put cover image and other icons? What format should they have? - I tried to put them to Images folder - but in the end I had blank game, when I installed it

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    delboyo Guest
    Cheers !!

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    huntercold28 Guest
    Can someone post a link to download a fresh .PS2 Memory Card Image file. I can't find the one that was included in the download files listed above or anywhere else. Please be kind I'm new to this and a bit confused.

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    digitalsnake Guest
    is it possible someone make a working save file with this: working with ps2 place holder ?

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    SWFS Guest
    okay so i've found the game id. okay now i'm stuck on step 9

    [ 8/9 ] CONVERT ISO

    This GUI does not yet fully support the ps2classics.exe tool, as some errors occur when not using the GUI.


    1. Click on the ENCRYPT tab [Top of the GUI]
    2. Select your ISO at the "Decrypted Image" field
    5. Select "Add LIMG Sector" [if applicaple]
    4. Change the "Content ID" field to as stated below
    5. Press "Encrypt"
    7. Save as "ISO" in the "tools" folder

    Your ID = 2P0001-PS2U214.05_00-0000111122223333


    Right click on this window, select "Mark" from the drop down menu, and select your custom ID stated above; Press enter to copy the selection. Press any key to begin. When you are done, close the GUI.

    so what am i to do after it? it says i've got something missing.

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