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Thread: PS2 ISO to XMB Conversion Command-Line GUI v1.0 Beta for PS3 Out

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    spewfr Guest
    Some games are not fully functional; check the compatibility list of games! The list isn't even reliable, though, because there are multiple regions for each game

    ecw When you first open the PS2iso2pkg, Step 1 requires that you enter a FIVE-DIGIT ID that matches your PS2 Game ID. (not three, not two, not six, FIVE DIGITS.)

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    Kolk1604 Guest
    Thanks, i'll check it. I'm also going to try and different game. Maybe I just ripped that one wrong or something.

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    Xplic1T Guest
    What exactly do you need to do once the pkg file is installed on the ps3? I'm running Kmeaw 3.55 still after I install the pkg, the system says its unsupported data ... I then run reactPSN with the exdata folder with the necessary RAP and still the data is unsupported.

    Going to try a few more games until i give up.

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    spewfr Guest
    You must be on a firmware higher than 4.30 Rogero/Rebug

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    ewuv07 Guest
    hi i'm converting from my old ps2 save in step 3 i cant save as .ps2 only .vmc. and also in step 6 what will i do after i import and select the .psu file will i export it? in step 7 rename the .ps2 file? i can't rename it because it is in use like you say in step 6. can anyone help me out and sorry for being noob.

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    s25s Guest
    bro do you have any tool for convert (PS1 to PS3 XMB) ???

    because the tool PS1ToPS3 and PS1

    not working on Rogero CEX 4.40 v1.02 (unsupported firmware) !!..

    This the pic show (my ps1 converted to ps3 XMB)

    This pic show (the ps1 from XMB)

    This pic show the error after start the game (unsupported firmware)

    if you have any tool for conver ps1 to ps3 XMB plz post

    thank you my boss for everything ..

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    spewfr Guest

    PS2Classics Virtual Memory Card Tools v4 Final for PS3 By Spewfr Out

    Following up on my previous revision, after receiving so many problematic issues I (Spewfr) decided to discontinue the old setup and start a new pack of tools dubbed PS2Classics Virtual Memory Card Tools v4 Final for PS3.

    Download: MemCardConvTools_v4.rar (5 MB) / MemCardConvTools_v4.rar (Mirror)

    Note: The PS3 will only read PS2SD/XXXXXXXXX/SCEVMC0.VME & SCEVMC1.VME.

    VME = encrypted
    PS2 and VMC = decrypted

    PS2Classics Virtual Memory Card Tools & Guide

    This tool pack allows users to compile new savegame VME's without the hassle of using the Command-Line GUI. Just download the tool pack and follow the instructions given below.

    1. Get your PS2 unedited savegame from your PS3

    Run your PS2classics SUCCESSFULLY at least once.
    On your PS3, go to "Saved data Utility (PS2)", NOT INTERNAL MEMORY CARDS.
    Select your PS2Classics game, and copy it to your USB drive.

    2. Obtaining your PS2 savegames

    With your memory card and external USB drive inserted into your PS2, run uLaunchELF v4.11
    Navigate to mc0:/ or mc1 (mc0 = 1st slot, mc1 = 2nd slot)
    Within that directory, there should lots of folders, for example BASLUS-12345++.

    To copy all savegames to an external drive, press [SQUARE]. All of the folders in the memory card should now have white dots on them.
    Press [R1] and select "Copy".
    Now go up a folder and navigate to mass:/ (go into it).
    Press [R1] and select "psuPaste".

    All of the savegames should now be copied into your external USB drive as PSU's.

    3. Converting your PS2 Savegames

    Run MyMC, included in the tools.
    Select a .PS2 Memory Card Image (included in the tools, fresh ones can be downloaded below)
    Remember where this .PS2 image is.

    Now click "File > Import..." and select the PSU that matches your PS2Classics game. (i.e. if your PS2Classics game id = PS2U23456, then your PSU equivalent may be BASLUS-23456XXXX.psu)
    With the PSU imported, close the MyMC and find your .PS2 image.
    Rename the .PS2 to .VMC

    Open up PS2Classics GUI and click on the Encrypt tab.
    Then select "Encrypt VMC". Select the .VMC/.PS2 image that you just edited/renamed.
    Save the .VME that it makes in a place you will remember.

    4. Importing your new Savegames onto your USB and PS3

    Find the .VME that your just encrypted.
    Copy it on your USB drive in this format, with the X's replacing your PS2Classics game ID.
    (Overwrite the file, as there should be a VME in there already from Step 1. If no .VME is present, then do step 1 again)

    With the VME copied in that format, plug your USB into your PS3.
    Go to "Saved data Utility (PS2)"
    Then inside of that, go to your USB drive and copy over the new savegame.
    Overwrite the files, it should ask you to do that.

    Enjoy your converted PS2 savegames

    Finally, from xXRagnarokXx: Hey Guys, this is for noob tutorial and it works 100% no bug on the mmc.

    1- Make sure your mmc slot 2 is clean
    2- Copy your Saved Data Utility (PS2) on usb
    3- Copy your original SCEVMC0.VME that came Saved Data Utility (PS2) put it on a safe place
    4- Delete your data on your Saved Data Utility (PS2) then run the ps2holder if you get a memory card error your good to go
    5- Copy the ps2holder Saved Data Utility (PS2) on usb again
    6- Open your usb and put your original SCEVMC0.VME on /PS3/EXPORT/PS2SD/PS2U[Game ID]
    7- Covert Any SCEVMC0.PS2 to SCEVMC1.VME make sure you have the save version save data on it
    8 - Put Your Converted SCEVMC1.VME on /PS3/EXPORT/PS2SD/PS2U[Game ID]
    9- Now All you need to do is stall the save data to you Saved Data Utility (PS2) then play the game you have save data by using mmc2

    [imglink=|PS2Classics Virtual Memory Card Tools v4 Final for PS3 By Spewfr Out][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    ecw Guest
    Thanks for the help. I didn't enter the SLUS- part this time but the program gave out the wrong ID. It only showed the last 4 digits. When I entered the missing digit, it started the encryption. It seems to complete. I save the ISO.BIN in the "tools" folder but the program does not see it and asks me to move it there. I put it in the tools folder that came with the program. Is that not correct?

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    spewfr Guest
    You must restart and ensure that you entered 5 digits. If it displays 4, you entered four digits. It copies verbatim what you gave it.

    No bad news so far - Post your findings! Have my crappy tools finally evolved into useful ones?

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    bluewolfknight Guest
    you need to resign the final pkg created to your firmware using the eboot & pkg resigner

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