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Thread: PS2 ISO to XMB Conversion Command-Line GUI v1.0 Beta for PS3 Out

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    spewfr Guest
    For the next half-hour or so, I will be trying to convert saves manually. The bug will *most likely* be found before 6am EST. Til' then, good luck.

    UPDATE -The problem has been fixed... read on.

    As I had earlier suspected, the GUI is very necessary for encrypting/decrypting VMC files... Why this is, I have no clue. It's very annoying I also converted the XPS to a PSU with the PS2save converter (

    I'll just release a new version of the tool. I just loaded up the game without the black screen error; but I think the savegame may be encrypted with some shiz, so I can't completely "load" it.

    Maybe it's corrupt from copying it over from my old PS2, so I'll find a regionally-correct save from online. As always, thank you for using my tools!!

    UPDATE -I successfully loaded a 100% savegame for Cars.

    You must convert your XPS to a PSU
    You must use the original GUI by Aldos and ps3dev-net

    As to the corrupted save for the Cars game, I think that the "Preserved" attribute (0x0080) must be a result of improper copying from uLanchElf; MAKE SURE YOU USE mPaste... I will be releasing v3.5 shortly.

    Version 3.5 is almost out, with some major cleanup; I found the errors.

    Happy Easter

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    spewfr Guest

    Memory Card Converter v3.5 for PS2Classics PS3 Command-Line GUI

    Following up on my Memory Card Converter v2.0 and Memory Card Converter v3.0 for PS3, today I present Memory Card Converter v3.5 for PS2Classics PS3 Command-Line GUI.

    Download: MemCardConv_v3.5.rar (6 MB) / MemCardConv_v3.5.rar (Mirror)

    Fixes the major "Invalid" error, now most saves should work, except those with time stamp issues...

    Let's get started.

    1. Convert your game with PS2iso2pkg; REMEMBER THE GAME ID. That's how you find it on your storage media (PS2UXXXXX).
    2. Under "Game", navigate to "Saved Data Utility (PS2)," and delete the savedata for your PS2 game.
    3. Load your converted PS2Classic at least once on your PS3, then quit when you see the PlayStation 2 logo.


    4. Quit back to the XMB. You should have received no errors.
    5. Under "Game", navigate to "Saved Data Utility (PS2)," then scroll to your PS2 savegame data.
    6. Press triangle on your savedata, and select "Copy."
    7. Insert your storage media (i.e. a thumb-drive), and copy the data to it. Overwrite if necessary.


    1. Connect your storage media to your computer. Navigate to drive:/PS3/EXPORT/PS2SD/PS2U[Game ID]
    2. Copy SCEVMC0.VME to the "orig_VME" folder of the GUI tool.

    3. Run VMEconv.exe
    Click the Decrypt tab
    Select Decrypt VME, and select your VME in orig_VME
    Save as SCEVMC0.PS2 in the PS2 folder.

    4. Run SaveBuild.exe - Note - you may have to open PS2save-builder manually with admin rights; it is located in "tools"
    Click "Edit > Add File", and browse to the folder of your savegame.
    It will look something like "mc0:/BASLUS-21490"
    Import every file from that directory into the tool. (i.e. BASLUS-21490/icon.sys , BASLUS-21490/config , etc)

    Now edit the Root/ID field to match the name of the folder (i.e. Root/ID = BASLUS-21490)
    Go to "File > Save as..." and select "Save as file type: X-port2 (*.xps)" and save the file as your Root/ID (i.e. BASLUS-21490.xps)
    (The program will ask you to save the file inside of your savegame folder, save it somewhere like your desktop)

    You can just export your PS2 savegames from uLaunchElf into a PSV container, which allows for timestamp verification saves

    5. Run X2Pconv.exe
    Select "Open", and find your XPS that you saved in step 4
    Click "Save" and save it as a .PSU

    6. Run MyMC.exe
    When the program starts, it will ask you to open a .PS2 file; Navigate to and select MemCardConv/PS2/SCEVMC0.PS2
    Click "File > Import..." and select the .PSU you created in set 5

    7. Rename your PS2
    Inside of the PS2 folder, rename SCEVMC0.PS2 to SCEVMC0.VMC

    8. Run VMEconv.exe
    Click the Encrypt tab
    Select Encrypt VMC, and select your VMC in PS2
    Save as SCEVMC0.VME in new_VME


    1. Copy the New VME in the new_VME folder to your external drive (external drive:/PS3/EXPORT/PS2SD/PS2UXXXXX/SCEVMC0.VME)
    2. On your PS3, plug in your external drive and go to the Game portion of the XMB, and select "Saved data Utility (PS2)"
    3. Select your external drive and copy over the new savegame
    4. You're good to go, load up your game good luck

    Woo. Only took 6 hours

    [imglink=|Memory Card Converter v3.5 for PS2Classics PS3 Command-Line GUI][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Apr 2005

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    I have now mainpaged the update, and +Rep for your continued work on this project spewfr!

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    spewfr Guest
    Let's just hope it works!

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    Darklex Guest
    in the first try it came out black screen, but in the second just one game ran perfectly, i don't know if the method i use to copy it to the ps3 has to do with this. The game that it works was installed by usb fat32, but the other have more than +4GB and it was installed it with a NTSF HDD via multiman 4.18. I'm in Rogero 4.30 v2.05. Thanks to the scene and spewrf, is awesome.

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    s25s Guest
    spewfr you awesome Thanks bro spewfr for this update but still not work i converted my old savegame ps2 perfectly use your tool and your steps but the problem not in convert savegame ps2 the problem in how to replace my VME from with the my new VME ?

    i just can't see my ps2 save from XMB and i don't know where i can find my ps2 save from my ps3 ..

    here the pictures this pic show my ps2 game from xmb

    this pic show the game take load from memory card

    this pic show my ps3 from xmb memory card utillity

    this pis show inside my ps2 memory card ( There is no saved data ) !!..

    here the problem how i can replace VME with new VME if i can't see ant save data ?!!..

    what is the problem ? the game take load successfully but when i go to the ps2 memory card utillity can't see any save data show me just ( There is no saved data ) !!.. (more information)

    -> i used CFW Eboot & PKG Resigner v1.20 for make this ps2 game
    -> my ps3 on ( Rogero CEX 4.40 v1.02 )

    yap finally i got the way for replace VME with new VME and i replaced VME but after the game stating give me this error

    The saved data is corrupted (0x80028f24) after many try and i follow your step exactly on your last update Memory Card Converter v3.0 Now convert save data working 100% confirmed by me very good job my boss I'm very happy after i load my save data successfully on my ps3

    Big Big Big thanks for you waiting for your news good luck to all ..

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    spewfr Guest
    You're very welcome! Thank you for using my tool I'm glad you finally got it working!

    I looked at your images that you took, and you created an internal memory card; the game itself should not have created this card.
    It would have made card inside of the ps2 save data utility; using the internal memor cards is useless.

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    ecw Guest
    Tried converting NFL2K3 iso to a PKG using this tool but get "CONTENT ID IS NOT IN A VALID FORMAT" after "MARKING" and pasting the id. Please help.

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    Kolk1604 Guest
    Thanks spewfr. Love this program, but i'm having some problems.

    I was able to create the package and transfer it to my PS2.(60 GB running REBUG 4.30.2 REX edition) I placed the "exdata" folder on a USB device, created and new user "aa" and installed and ran ReactPSN. The PS2 rebooted and I logged in as my normal user and installed the PS2 game package.. When I run the PS2 game (Which does appear under the Playstation 2 category on the XMB) I just get a black screen. I've gone over the instructions and I don't think i'm missing anything.

    My game is Final Fantasy X international.


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    spyrog2670 Guest
    I found this video, perhaps it can help someone here

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