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    Blade86 Guest
    Great work dude! If I understood it right, you dont need ps2-classic-gui from aldostools anymore. If so, you could ask him, how his gui detects the ps2-game-id.

    Together with deank's database you can get the game-name and images. Implementing this would take out step 1, 3 and 4


    This is just like the lastgame-customizing for ps3-games

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    za3tot Guest
    spwfr sorryy but, in the image folder do i have to put the game i want to convert ?

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    spewfr Guest
    All ISO's work, it's just a matter of if the PS3's emulator will play the game correctly or not... They will all load, you just might no be able o play them lol

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    za3tot Guest
    1. Place your icons files inside of the Images folder, which icons talking about ? can explain each step please.


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    spewfr Guest
    For the images folder, you put your images like ICON0.PNG and PIC0.PNG. You must save them as their proper size and bit size, as you can see here:


    And Blade86, I do understand thet the GUI by Aldo's uses the Title ID's via the GUI.

    However, I do not fully understand how to go into files with CMD and search for strings of data, and then use them in CMD. If you would like to compile a batch script showing how to do so, I would be more than happy to include you and your script in the next release

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    wwywong Guest
    I'm sorry I haven't been update on the progress of ps2ios stuff on ps3... noob question... does all the exciting PS2ISO stuff that is happening recently will allow slim PS3 (CECH2001A 16MB NOR) to play PS2 games? Or it is still just for FAT ps3?

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    spewfr Guest
    It will work on Slim consoles, yes.

    ICON0.PNG and PIC1.PNG go in Images.

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    seeman Guest
    is there a way i can have more then only one converted game on my ps3.. i managed to get final fantasy 12 running but i have alot more games?!?

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    spewfr Guest

    Memory Card Converter v2.0 for PS2Classics PS3 Command-Line GUI

    Following up on my PS2 ISO to XMB Conversion Command-Line GUI v1.0 Beta for PS3, today I present Memory Card Converter v2.0 for PS2Classics PS3 Command-Line GUI.

    Download: MemCardConv_v2.rar (5 MB) / MemCardConv_v2.rar (Mirror)

    This new Command-Line GUI tools converts your old PS2 savegames to a readable format for the PS3 system.

    • Run your PS2Classic at least once.
    • Exit to the XMB, and go to "Save Data Utility (PS2)"
    • Copy your PS2Classic Game's Savedata to your external drive

    Follow the steps below to Convert your old savegame files, and then overwrite this one.

    1. Export your old PS2 saves from your PS2 Memory Stick to your computer, using either

    A. Sony's memory Card Adapter (Requires PSV exporter)
    B. uLaunchElf; Tutorial included below.

    I recommend just copying your entire library of saves to an external drive

    2. Run SaveBuild - *Note - you may have to open PS2save-builder manually with admin rights; it is located in "tools".
    3. Click "Edit > Add File", and browse to the folder of your savegame. It will look something like "mc0:/BASLUS-21490"
    4. Import every file from that directory into the tool. (i.e. BASLUS-21490/icon.sys , BASLUS-21490/config , etc)
    5. Now edit the Root/ID field to match the name of the folder (i.e. Root/ID = BASLUS-21490)
    6. Go to "File > Save as..." and select "Save as file type: X-port2 (*.xps)" and save the file as your Root/ID (i.e. BASLUS-21490.xps) The program will ask you to save the file inside of your savegame folder, save it somewhere like your desktop)
    7. Run MyMC
    8. When the program starts, it will ask you to open a .PS2 file; select "SCEVMC0.PS2" (I have included one with the tools.)


    9. Click "File > Import..." and select the .XPS you just created.
    10. Run PS2toVME ; Make sure the new SCEVMC0.PS2 is in the same folder. (the .PS2 will be cleaned automatically every time PS2toVME closes)
    11. Copy the New VME in the VME folder to your external drive (external drive:/PS3/EXPORT/PS2SD/PS2UXXXXX/SCEVMC0.VME)
    12. On your PS3, plug in your external drive and go to the Game portion of the XMB, and select "Saved data Utility (PS2)"
    13. Select your external drive and copy over the new savegame
    14. You're good to go, load up your game

    ulaunchElf Copy Savgame Guide

    1. Load uLaunchELF on your PS2, browse to your USB flash (under mc0:/ or mc1:/ ).
    2. Locate the folder that contains your savegame, then press R1 and select “Copy” to copy the entire folder (it should contain files like icon.sys , config , etc)
    3. Browse to your external drive ( mass:/ )
    4. press R1 again and select “mcPaste” to paste the entire folder onto your external drive (do NOT use “Paste”, while it works for most games, some games require mPaste)

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Thanks for the update spewfr, I have now mainpaged it as well and +Rep!

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