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Thread: PS2 HDD Support & Discless ELF Launching from PS3 XMB WIP

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Just to clarify, this is for backwards compatible PS3's 20/60 and semi 80 (If you know you know) The only PC software that was compatible with the image was PFSShell0.2a.

    If someone could make me a PKG for SLUS20071 with the included PARAM.SFO, that would be awesome.

    Oh and I know that so far no one has said anything like "why did it take you so long to do so little?"... but to answer the unquestioned... research on this project mostly consists of reading and writing a 12GB chunk of data 2-3 time before any progress can be measured... very time consuming... and annoying...

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    Haksam Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hacked2123 View Post
    If someone could make me a PKG for SLUS20071 with the included PARAM.SFO, that would be awesome.
    i wish i could help, i've got 20/60 and semi 60 (ex-demo) to test now but i have no idea what goes where with all the stuff shown here lol.

    did you wanted to customise a .pkg file that will install after a normal JB that will enable swap magic 3.8 internally and launch OPL 0.8 yes?

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    r0m Guest
    atok100.erx is a dynamic library for EE so I don't think it can be replaced with uLaunchelf easily. Those dynamic libraries have been introduced somewhere around tlibs-3.0.0.

    I believe that program say 'permission denied' due to password is set to game partition. However, AFAIR, password-protected APA-partitions aren't encrypted while its password is just stored in the partition header.

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    moja Guest
    Also, that if a proper PKG were created with that param.sfo and IMAGE.DAT for "SLUS20071", it would add native HDD support to "Swap Magic Coder 3.8", which is able to launch any elf it desires, including just released OPL 0.8.
    Does this intend to allow SwapMagic to load PS2 ISOs directly? If so, would the next step be to allow SwapMagic run as a .pkg? Perhaps that last part is outside the scope of this project. Regardless, I am very interested in watching progress on this.

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    r0m Guest
    I installed NPIA00001 package and then I got image.dat file via PS3FTP. The file size is 6748512 bytes. Hexadecimal view screenshot is attached to this post. Is it proper installation of the package?

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Yep, that's halfway there, now you need FFXI, or a way to create a pkg with the 2G category.

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    r0m Guest
    I don't have FFXI, but I'll try Socom 2 as soon as I can find the disc within my room.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    I would be interested in that file greatly if you get it done. Find me on an IM or mail me.

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    Jon Salat Guest


    You should try mounting a backup of Socom 2 to /dev_ps2disc with FFXI in the drive. Then try installing FFXI and see if it installs the Socom 2 backup instead.

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    Stealth Guest
    How did you manage to access the contents inside of IMAGE.DAT? I know you used pfsshell but before you did that, did you mount it to a folder or did you copy the image to another hard drive?

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