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Thread: PS2 HDD Support & Discless ELF Launching from PS3 XMB WIP

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    ultimatepump Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by NTAuthority View Post
    That looks like a raw image... if there's any PC apps capable of reading a PS2 HDD's filesystem you might be able to do more with it than when trying to access it from PS2 applications (at least, I think the 'ps2hdd: PS2 APA Driver v1.1 (c) 2003 Vector' is a PS2 application, and that might be why certain partitions give a 'permission denied' error).

    However, if it's actually a PC application, 'permission denied' might be some directory index not being read properly, but you'd need to check the source code of the application to find out what it actually is... I'd like to have the image so I could mess around with the partition index in it.
    How I convert a ps2 iso to elf? Is there a converter?

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    Brenza Guest
    Does it means i'll be able to play ps2 games on my ps3? *_*

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    pyong Guest
    Small question to the higher up guys, would it be possible to spoof a non-bc 80gb phat ps3 into a ps3 that uses ps2 softemu?

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    bb01 Guest
    well there are PC emulators of the ps2 (PCSX2 for one) & i wonder how easy it is to create a port of it... as that could be a lot easier i think...

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    svennie1992 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by pyong View Post
    Small question to the higher up guys, would it be possible to spoof a non-bc 80gb phat ps3 into a ps3 that uses ps2 softemu?
    no, that's like asking a question: would i be able too spoof my ps1 too play ps2 games?

    the hardware isnt in that console thats why it doesnt work. the same with the ps3 consoles.

    i hope this cleared it up for you.

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    PR0r Guest
    No the hardware is there. He's asking about SOFTWAREemu.

    The 60 and 20gig PS3's had the "Emotion Engine" which allowed the PS3's to play PS2 games. But there are PS3's that purely use software emulation to run the games (80gigs).

    These models were appreantely not as good at emulating the games anyway. So the potential is there, we just need a way to use it. One day it will happen

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    tjay17 Guest
    Does this work on nonbc models or only on those that can play ps2 games?

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    sorg Guest
    not correct. there is first PS3 release (NTSC 60&20gb)with PS2 CPU+GPU - this PS3 uses hardware PS2 emulation. there is second PS3 release with (NTSC 80gb and first PAL model) PS2 GPU only - this PS3 release uses software emulation of PS2 CPU (but still uses hardware PS2 GPU) and there are all following PS3 releases without any PS2 hardware on-board.

    These PS3 are NOT compatible with neither hardware nor software emulation of PS2 included in firmware.

    I hope now it's clear enough.

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    atlask2 Guest
    You can find this self on a slim too, but i think, when the install fw, this is disabled.

    Need to explore, decrypt all this 3 selfs from all platform.

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    Haksam Guest
    i will ALSO re-emphasise on this fact again. PS2 hardware is made up of 2 (obviously) common components, the CPU and GPU.

    Emotion Engine is the CPU and Graphics Synthesizer is the GPU.

    All gen 1 60/20 ps 3 has both CPU and GPU (like they bought a ps 3 with ps 2 console built right inside).

    The 4 port usb 80gb and PAL 60gb have just the GPU and rely on CPU emulation from the PS 3 Cell processor.

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