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Thread: PS uTweak PS3 Homebrew PSN Application is Released

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    teh ownage Guest
    Thank you very much! Sorry again for the inconvenience with the hosting company. I hope everyone enjoys the program, and as I have always said, have a suggestion? Make sure to post it!

    I recently have been trying to implement a download for the 'debug' updates again, however, it seems as if those links are now only accessible through certain IP's (Which Sony should have done in the first place). I will continue to add updates day by day, so ideas from users would be great!

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    Shorteee Guest
    Can you make a mac version??

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    HACKDEPS3 Guest
    i looked everywhere, where do i put the dat comment file in my ps3.. in what file?

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    echoes4ever Guest
    Sorry for my real newbie here.. but what can I really do with this.. ?? What's real use of this tool? (I'm serious) I don't understand what to do with it.. will it allow me to go online or something?

    It's also not working at my windows vista 64. not even on compatibility mode.

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    teh ownage Guest
    Well lets see, designed for users to easily check trophies, check if PSN names are available, Generate hacked comments, download themes, find game download links easily for jailbreak. Much more, if you cannot find one use than you should not use this... in all seriousness.

    Make sure you have .net framework 3.5

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    echoes4ever Guest

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    Thanks for the explanation my mind was playing tricks on me.. I will try with framework 3.5

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