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Thread: PS Samurai PS JailBreak Clone Arrives with Custom Upgrader

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    tonyqc Guest
    the official site was updated..

    why they keep the same price if right now they can't sell it because of this?

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    EiKii Guest
    a lot of unlike other blabla, i mean cmon for example PS3Key has its own programmer, and it has to 32KB flash and more, is it "confirmed" psjailbreak are going to release exploit to 3.5 and ntfs? or is it speculations or empty promises?

    i believe it when i see it hehe

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    Whateverwhateve Guest
    They have been promising a Backup Manager 1.1 with NTFS support for months now, while re-iterating how they would hard-code it to only work on their device which they promise will be shipping soon now.

    A while ago after all the clones and open source hit they promised to update their dongle to support 3.42 then made fun of all the clones and promised their device would be shipping soon now.

    A few days ago they AGAIN promised firmware 3.50 support and a 1.1 NTFS backup manager while making fun of the clones and promising their device should be shipping soon now.

    I'll believe it when I see it, these guys took out a mortgage to try to market the damn things, and clearly are desperate to recoup their losses. Too bad the original was so wildly over-priced. Instead of attempting to win back support and/or risk a loss for SOME profit by pricing it competitively, they badmouth the competition, refuse to lower the asinine price, engage in questionable business practices such sites changing their TOS so preorder cancellations would have a fee AFTER you already paid and enforcing said fee, and then badmouth the competition which HAS delivered.

    I will give them credit as they DID hack the damn PS3 after all, but they got far too greedy and now they are continuing to be greedy while not being able to see the giant brick wall right in the path they want to continue to go down.

    True, the PSP scene had dozens of hacks they kept private until the previous one was patched, then released the next, rinse and repeat (until Sony completely overhauled the security on Firmware 6.00+) but the way this PS3 hack worked that is not really a plausable scenario.

    As I said, I will believe it when I see it, because right now I DON'T believe it and think they are just lying to get people to buy a $120 device that does the same thing the other $20 devices do. Remember when Datel released the Wii FreeLoader and promised updates if Nintendo ever blocked it? Remember when Nintendo blocked it and Datel just let it die and never updated it even though region-free hacks were not out yet?

    Yeah... I would personally love to eat my words come October 20 but just seems like empty promises to me, empty words have no calories.

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    solrac1974 Guest
    Yeah, it will be delivered by Santa Claus himself!

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    Greazy Guest
    If this holds true then these guys need to be a lot faster at updating there device so when sony releases an update they need to have there's ready to go within a week or less so people don't loose psn functionality for that long and also they would need to figure out a way for people to avoid getting slammed with the ban hammer. But those are tremendous feats which I doubt they will accomplish!

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    anan2403 Guest
    I'm having trouble to believe psjailbreak will support NTFS. But IF psjailbreak team make a CFW, that will be another case.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    And now the one about Cinderella ...

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    Diverge Guest
    Anyone buying a clone is pretty much making a mistake. Cause most of the clones that come out won't let you use the open source versions. What good is it's own custom upgrader software when these companies can't code their own stuff until someone else makes a breakthrough? Then you gotta wait around for them to release an upgrade.

    So until these clones start embracing open source, and use software that is already out there to program them, they need to get lost.

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    SuperDre Guest
    Oh really, you mean the same guys who first promised the 1.1 would be released on 15th of september? Don't believe everything a seller says..

    I certainly wouldn't buy a PSJailbreak before they release the new manager, because IMHO it's all just a poise to get people to quickly buy the thing, and then being ripped off because the new manager doesn't support the 3.42 or higher firmwares..

    But we'll see on the 20th of october, my money's on it passing that date without a release of their manager.. but ofcourse I hope I'm wrong, because that would mean we would quickly see a free version...

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    korn16ftl3 Guest
    that's not necessarily true the PS3KEY as well as PSYES support the open hex as well as AVRKEY how ever if you want to use linux (AbsestOS) or other possible larger sized payloads the teensy (and i think ps3yes due to larger flash capacity) are the way to go.

    I for one am hoping some one comes up with a dongle that has multiple flash banks (like X3 xbox1 mod chip) so i can have more than 1 payload on a USB dongle for example one with hermes and one with AbsestOS just so i can have a 1 dongle solution for everything.

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