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    daveribz Guest

    PS JailBreak Soon to Support All PS3 Firmware, BM 1.1 Incoming

    Previously it was reported that PSGroove improvements would soon allow it to support all PS3 Firmware versions, and today the official PS JailBreak site reports that they also plan to support all PS3 Firmware versions and that PS3 Backup Manager v1.1 is destined to arrive shortly after October 20th and include some new features.

    To quote: "We have now shipped all our loyal dealers and we assure you, the wait has been worthwhile. We apologize for the delay of the support we promised, but it is indeed coming.

    We will officially be releasing our support for new firmwares by October 20th, and Backup Manager v1.1 a few days after. It will have all the features that clone makers have been providing, along with some new ones that will blow you all away.

    As mentioned in previous news updates, we are still receiving large amounts of mail about our high price compared to our competition, so we will reiterate. Clones are low quality, have high defect rates and will only work on firmware 3.41.

    So for all you dealers out there, why buy a product that limits your market? Ours allows you to distribute to all end users and provides your clients with more options."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Gamer1 Guest
    You forgot to mention "Previous" PS3 Firmwares not newer!

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    wwywong Guest
    Does that immediately meaning the PSGroove/PSFreedom solution will be following the same path?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gamer1 View Post
    You forgot to mention "Previous" PS3 Firmwares not newer!
    Oh man I thought they are referring to FW3.50 =( being happy too early...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Gamer1 View Post
    You forgot to mention "Previous" PS3 Firmwares not newer!
    Yep, we only quoted what is on their page... they said "all" so that is what was quoted basically.

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Seriously doubt it but will wait and see, think they said - All pre 3.41-. would be cool though, we would have even more dev_flash/HDD dumps to work with, and also I wouldnt mind updating just so I could get online on PSN just for a few minutes so I could deactivate some of my consoles from my account.

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    BwE Guest
    yeah i highly doubt it considering 3.50 blocks non sony usbs (apparently) plus its not like theyve said "we are going to support 3.41+"

    they're just going to use what's public. 3.01 3.15 etc. they're just upset about all the cloners so theyre doing publicity.


    but then again they did originally do it so you never know lmao

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    Tatsh2DX Guest
    they are also upset that they lost to open source.

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    tonybologna Guest
    I'll believe it when I see it! Remember what they promised last month in regards to backup manager.

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    NinjaOptimus Guest
    Sounds Legit! Like all their previous promises.

    Get ready people cause the PSJailBreak team will release their revolutionary new firmware in ... "Unspecified Years".

    haha! good luck getting anything from them

    didn't they promise to release BM1.1 on sep 15 or so. that's like 20 days AGO.

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    tjay17 Guest
    Only time will tell if they really deliver something or once again the day passes and nothing.

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