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Thread: PS JailBreak Soon to Support All PS3 Firmware, BM 1.1 Incoming

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    pasky Guest
    Gonna assume they mean <= 3.41 and not <= 3.50

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    jhauth11 Guest
    They possibly ripped off the code of PSGroove, you know one of them BAD EVIL HORRIBLE CONES that you should never ever buy or go near as they will break and could possibly break your PS3 so dont buy a $20 Clone or make your own using anything that basically has a usb port spend $100 for a $5 chip that doesn't do anything like the Free or cheaper versions.

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    dragonsan Guest
    I dont believe them at all. I think they just making promises to keep getting costumers but they will release nothing newer or anything that will "blow us". They said that bm1.1 will come before sept 15 but nothing happened. If they wanna keep our hopes up say something fix what the hell will it does.

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    tripellex Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jhauth11 View Post
    They possibly ripped off the code of PSGroove
    It's only been a few months since this all began, and already people are rewriting history as they see fit, contrary to what actually happened. Team PSJB did not rip off PSGroove. If you remember, PSGroove was reverse engineered from the original exploit used by PSJailbreak. NOT the other way around.

    Look, I agree with most of you that the price Team PSJB charges is ridiculous in this market, and yes, they are just trying to make money. But if anything, it's their right to charge what they do, just as it's the right of the makers of Teensy, BlackCat, and the clones to charge what they want. You have free will, no one is making you pay $120 for an official PSJB. You are free to use whatever solution you want. I've had people gripe because I charge 3-4 bucks for replacement game cases on my site. And if they can find it cheaper, more power to them. But I charge what I feel my product is worth, and they do the same.

    Like I said before, show some respect, people. If not for them, none of you would even have jailbroken PS3s. They probably have tricks up their sleeve no one has even dreamt of yet in regards to other exploits.

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    MorporgX Guest

    Good news

    Where money begins to play the main role, respect vanish... Some leaks of what will blow our minds after 20 oct?

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    modmate Guest
    If that JB 100$ stick is able to cook and wash ill buy it, but to be honest. That's all money making strategy nothing more. Like some month ago foundmy yellin they are the only one can get your drive keys for 360 drives and take about 100$ just for key extract... LAME.

    Ill stay with my AT90USB162, its not a clone just a usual dev board wich works fantastic every time. Spend 30$ on that thing is way better then 100$ for the same work.

    Greets Modmate

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    rypermell Guest
    I have the original psjailbreak so i need to believe in these guys.
    But I'll buy another jailbreak device just in case.
    I really don't think it's a matter of respect cause people who bought this pen have PAYD for that respect.
    The thing is that those who didn't care who was the first have better solutions than those who like me are waitting for the "blown away"...

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    Skaper Guest
    "We will officially be releasing our support for new firmwares by October 20th"

    By this I'm assuming they mean 3.41+

    Once again this will get reversed and put on everyone elses stuff and force sony to release a new firmware which I like. Makes Sony work harder on firmware, enables homebrew, everyone happy :3

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    mat989 Guest
    I placed an order for PSJB the day it was announced, I ordered from ozmods. It was later cancelled, and they did refund my $$$. I don't know about them, but it is strange that their product reached the market after the clones!!!

    I mean assuming they did not start manufacturing until they announced the product; they were supposed to deliver before the cloners since it took the cloners sometime to reverse-engineer what PSJB already did. I don’t know, but perhaps they are actually own one of the clones and they are already making $$$.

    I know it sounds bizarre; nonetheless the fact that the clones were distributed before the actual product even in Asia makes the whole thing fishy!!! They are capable of anything imho, after all they are the 1st to find/steal the exploit!!

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    Warrorar Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Skaper View Post
    "We will officially be releasing our support for new firmwares by October 20th"

    By this I'm assuming they mean 3.41+
    wrong, they mean firmwares who are not supported at the moment. and because of the fact that this usb exploit doesn't worky anomre on 3.41+. You can be 100% sure that they mean 1.50 - 3.21.

    Greetings Warrorar

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