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    Wile E Guest
    I just find it funny that they are still trying to justify their prices. Sorry, their product just isn't worth what they are charging.

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    xxxgizmoxxx Guest
    Sounds to me like they mean firmwares lower than 3.41. If they had managed to crack FWs greater than 3.41 it would be stupid to hold back on announcing it. As they are the most expensive manufacturer on the market, the way to play it would be to announce they have cracked 3.42 or 3.5, charge pretty much what they want, and then sit back and watch the cash role in via pre-orders! It would be stupid to raise any hopes from their announcement.

    Seems ironic that the developer of a piracy solution would feel cheated by clone devices lol - Are you familiar with the term "reap what you sow"?

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    MorPs3Kng Guest
    I'm actually surprised they are still out and promoting it considering the warpath Sony has been on lately. I figured they would be laying low.

    And if they have managed newer firmware versions I think it's better to actually wait. Look what happened last time they didn't "hold back" and Sony was going after them before the product was even at retailers.

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    ramensama Guest
    They must be trying to get as many customers as they can before they get shut down... lure people in with the promise of an updated and overdue backup manager.

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    crazelunatic Guest
    ...and i'm not saying this because i purchased a jailbreak usbchipset but for all you doubters out there please post technical jargon as to why it would be so hard to add support for fw's over 3.41...

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    jhauth11 Guest
    far out they are so up themselves. Face it PS Jailbreak the clones are cheaper n better then yours. no need to be so childish going "Clones are low quality, have high defect rates and will only work on firmware 3.41." ummm wake up PSGroove been their done that.

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    Jes03 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by crazelunatic View Post
    ...and i'm not saying this because i purchased a jailbreak usbchipset but for all you doubters out there please post technical jargon as to why it would be so hard to add support for fw's over 3.41...
    They blocked the exploit used that's why it will be hard.

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    shummyr Guest
    When I see it I will believe it, Until then, I'm not holding my breath.

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    BwE Guest
    yeah like they said in the 90's my care-factor is 0%

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    tripellex Guest
    I hate to be the voice of discord for once, but here's my take on things:

    Everyone's forgotten that Team PSJailbreak WERE the first ones to open up the PS3 for us all. Had it not been for them, there'd be no PSGroove. No PSFreedom. No clones, no backups, nothing. And with that forgetfulness comes a loss of respect. These guys ARE the originators.

    Just because we know the name of the guy whose name the PSJailbreak website is registered to doesn't mean diddly, because I have a feeling there is a VAST underground team that's part of PSJB that we don't even know of. It wouldn't surprise me if the name and address they registered the website under is just a front. These are a group of VERY smart mofos, who took Geo's original exploit and actually created something with it.

    All in all, it comes down to this: Yes, there are some very brilliant people working on homebrew and Jailbreaks. But for all the names we know, there are probably twice as many hidden in the shadows that you will never know, never hear of and who will never be caught. And if anything, its those heroes we owe the greatest debt of thanks to. Because without them, NONE of this would be possible.

    So, all in all, I would say to everyone, stop being such doubters and disbelievers. You have these guys to thank for being able to even have backups and homebrew on the PS3 in the first place. I mean no disrespect to the devs who have given us JBs on numerous devices and great homebrew apps so far, because you guys have done an awesome job and deserve mad respect.

    But don't disrespect the originators, the guys who I wholly believe have already ripped this system apart and have found exploits we couldn't even begin to dream of. They are the chess players who are literally ten moves ahead of $ony. Checkmate.

    I say to you PSJB shadowmen, keep it up. Kick $ony in the funbag every chance you get, and thwart every attempt they make at stopping homebrew on the PS3. You have my thanks, and my respect.

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