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    SwordOfWar Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Reaper2122 View Post
    hah I'm sure that when psp solution comes out the amount of hacked consoles will skyrocket also the 1.1 version better allow the orange box to work
    Once a widespread solution arrives it won't take long. I think the PSP is the most likely candidate for most PS3 owners.

    If this eventually gets ported to both Android and iPhone based phones, then that will also help a lot.

    At 42% the cost of a new slim 120GB console (which is 300 bucks on walmart.com), this "modchip" is rather pricey. Their going to need to prove their support for keeping the hack working if I'm going to shell out over a 100 bucks. I don't want a 100$ paperweight, ya know?

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by peshkohacka View Post
    1) They originally wrote the exploit
    2) They wrote the Backup Manager
    3) The reason why they sell it at that price is that the time and effort put into making this is - as history teach us - priceless.

    So show some respect, without those guys there would've been no Rips floating around or any howebrew scene what-so-ever.
    200 % agree!!

    @ Nikox
    You don't even know what respect is!

    We should respect the guys from the team. Because without them.. we all still would be waiting for some CFW that was impossible to make. Now with this we can do so much more!!

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    SLADER141 Guest
    UPDATE: I have received word on psjailbreak’s NEW lower wholesale price breakdown, expect lower prices at your favorite mod retailer soon.

    50pcs USD 29.50
    100pcs USD 29.00
    250pcs USD 28.50
    500pcs USD 27.50
    1000pcs USD 26.50

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    GohanX Guest
    If true, then these prices just means they're aware that they can't stop other people copying their dongles a la psgroove. It also probably means they know their backup manager is going to be cracked to be used with any dongle, or that it won't be able to tell the difference between their dongle and any other one.

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    If they want to compete in the market full of clones they have to lower their prices around 50$ and people will definately buy it.

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    Wile E Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Pcsx2006 View Post
    If they want to compete in the market full of clones they have to lower their prices around 50$ and people will definately buy it.
    If they only charged $50, and guaranteed it to work with updates, I would buy it, even with the free options on the market. Less hassels is worth some money. It is not worth $160 tho.

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    efciem420 Guest
    has anyone actually received their psJB usb stick yet ? (the real one, not some clone)

    My reseller i ordered from has gone unresponsive...

    I am dissapointed in this whole lack luster customer service experience from a mod chip provider that has done so well in the past.

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    patholi Guest
    Well, i ordered mine from discoazul (for 99€). Today they apologized for the delay by giving me a 10€ voucher for my next order.

    but i still didn't get my dongle

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    GohanX Guest
    I haven't been able to contact their sales team or anyone representing PSJailbreak in the past few days. It's like just disappeared...

  10. #30
    efciem420 Guest
    Seems to me that the resellers at the very least could just send updates to inform of delays or problems, offer alternatives etc...

    seeing as most of the resellers are now listing dev USB AVR devices etc...

    but nope, nothing... just a dead end.

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