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    Quote Originally Posted by farenheit View Post
    What if i replaced an updat.pup file with an older updat.pup and let the game update the firmware, will that essentially work?
    Or will the system check the update f/w being installed to the current one on the system?

    And like one of the user(s) asked earlier, is it possible to remove the update files to save that extra bit of space?
    Yup, you can remove the folder and the file.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SatanX2112 View Post
    Yup, you can remove the folder and the file.
    Can you confirm that this works before i go removing files.. lol

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    hey, is there any chance at all in the future that games will load without a disc in the drive? if so is there any time scale? will it take months to impliment or maybe come pretty soon, not at all?

    any help is appreciated and repped whenever possible, cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeteAce View Post
    Do we need the correct region to play? Say if it's an EUR/PAL or Asia release, it won't work on a PS3 bought in Canada? I'm still waiting for my JB USB to arrive, just checking to see so I don't waste my bandwidth downloading the wrong version.
    No one replied to my question but I found out now that I have the JB... the answer is yes all games are playable regardless of region. Thanks anyways.

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