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  1. #31
    stunna421 Guest
    hi, if you need a tester please let me know. i have a cfw psp 1003 and 60gb ps3 pal... regards.

  2. #32
    lele0o0o Guest
    i have psp 1003 CFW & PS3 80 GB, if you need test let me know...

  3. #33
    kakarotoks Guest

    I've spent the last few hours writing a kernel driver for linux that would replicate the descriptors and data reported here.
    It compiles, but I can't load it on my PC since the PC has no USB slave controller, so it can't work... I'm trying however to get it into my N900 and test with it.

    My issue now is that my scratchbox installation is screwed up, so I need to reinstall it in order to get the proper build environment setup so I can build the kernel module.

    In th meantime, I wrote a small script that disables the N900 USB gadget modules, so it doesn't even register when it gets plugged in. This will allow me to then just load my kernel module and have it work without any kind of interference from other usb modules of the N900.

    However, we definitely need some real/proper usb dumps! If someone has the dongle, could you please try to dump it on linux with wireshark (load usbmon module first) and upload the wireshark file somewhere ? I'm sure I can get this work as soon as I get that dump!

  4. #34
    livpool Guest
    great work man! looking forward to a release from you i don't have a N900 but im sure this will be available on other devices eventually too? *hint hint* iOS *hint hint*


  5. #35
    xantra Guest
    If you want, i have made the schematic of the psjailbreak.

    If someone made the prog for a atmega164pa, we have a real copy of it.

  6. #36
    Jes03 Guest
    It'll be better if you can get it working on the PSP as more people have a PSP than a N900. What is a N900 anyway? Is that a phone?

    I think all this exposure from $ony is great. It's telling EVERYONE the PS Jailbreak is real and works or they wouldn't want to stop it so bad.
    But wouldn't it be so funny if in a few days it turns out to be fake. Look at all $ony went through. LOL

    The thing I would like it to do is enable OtherOS on the slim consoles. If it doesn't then I hope a dev works out how to make a homebrew enabler to do it.

  7. #37
    HZoooof Guest
    Good work my friends... go foward with the first real free solution..

    Thanks a lot Mr. kakarotoaks and Mr.Xantra and for every one.

  8. #38
    AMurphy Guest
    I don't really understand, could we replicate the jailbreak on a regular usb, if not what kind of devices?

  9. #39
    livpool Guest
    From what i've read, we can't use any regular USB. but a PSP, n900 and a PC is possible. and i guess a lot of other things like those as well.

  10. #40
    AMurphy Guest
    If we used a PC, then would we have to execute the exploit from the PC using the AA cable everytime we power the ps3 on.

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