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Thread: PS Jailbreak Found Illegal by Australian Courts

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    b4rtsimps0n Guest
    I ordered one from consolepro, one of the Dutch authorized resellers. And I just got an email that they have been contacted by Sony's lawyers who told them to stop selling the PSjailbreak. As they are a small company, they don't have the means to battle it out with Sony in court. Too bad because I think they would have won it here in the Netherlands. At least I got my money back and I can wait for a free solution.

    I'm wondering if any of the resellers will actually be selling them.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Yep, had the same problem here in Germany. They canceled my order, but I get my money back.

    So let's wait for an cheaper exploit, and maybe legal.

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    2High4U Guest
    OzMod website update now says PS3 Jailbreak is said to be shipping to retailers on the 8th.

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