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    Sep 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by teltras View Post
    Thanks for the files. I think we all could have 3.50 downgrade in a week time!
    Just in time for GT5!

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    Nice news , the way to downgrade ps3 for free is not too far from us...

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    Sep 2010
    In this firmware were is located the 3.41 version marker? The one who tells the ps3 this is 3.41!

    I was wondering if we find that, why are we not aloud to modify it to 3.51? but actually it was 3.41 in it. Instead of a downgrade we could do an "upgrade" I think we can fool the ps3...

    Let me know your thoughts about this.

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    pal ah error has occurred

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    I wasn't expecting the PUP to be modified.

    I wonder if this means the dongle has a new exploit that allows the PS3 to accept a modified (and encrypted incorrectly?) PUP or if the modified PUP itself is the real magic of this hack... which would be pretty epic if we found a way to simply create a custom PUP that the PS3 would accept.

    Highly highly unlikely I know, but one can dream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cooldavid View Post
    pal ah error has occurred
    Same here PAL PS3...

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    How about... you know a full 3.5 hack rather than a downgrader?

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    hmmm so there isn't a 3.50 jailbreak, only a downgrader?

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    very nice,

    i'm happy to see that the console gets more and more down. nice tool for people who want to jailbreak there ps3 but have 3.50.

    and btw: did anyone else then me thought about the possibility that sony himself is the actor who helped to break the console?

    what is the best to earn money with the ps3 atm? making the system backup ready.

    atm sony sell so many consoles because everyone knows that the console got jailbroken.

    my theory is that sony didn't expected that the console is safe for 3-4years and put there fingers self into the scene and "leaked" the files to the right devs.

    just my two cents


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    Same happened with the original Xbox - once the encryption/firmware was cracked, sales went through the roof! (Custom dash etc)

    Happens with most consoles...

    I think once the PS3 is FULLY under our control then it will be 'THE' game console to have.

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