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Thread: PS Jailbreak Custom PKGs with games

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    crax0r Guest

    PS Jailbreak Custom PKGs with games

    First of all, has anyone tried installing a PKG file downloaded from PSN from an USB stick?

    If this doesnt work, is it fault of the encrypted EBOOT.bin or some PKG flags? Can we edit the PKG flags/files using the leaked SDK tools?

    How difficult is it to decrypt the EBOOT.bin? Can we code a homebrew that much like on psp would decrypt EBOOT.bin on the console itself?

    I know the EBOOT.bin has a media flag (much like the xbox xex), that makes it require a disc to run. My idea is to get the games EBOOT.bin's decrypted and make the whole games wrapped in the custom PKG installers. This way they would not require a disc to run and would be visible from the XMB much like the Backup Manager or other legit apps/games.

    Also, has anyone tried getting the executable extracted from a game that's available on PSN and on BDrom, ripping the BDrom version to HDD and replacing the executable with the PSN version? My theory is the game should make the game mountable via the Backup Manager and would boot without any BD disc in the drive.

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    tiefputin1 Guest
    i think sony disabled recognizing anything that would let you install etc. from usb or even leech the pkg via webbrowser.

    and its prolly not related to the dir structure/flags or anything. the psp eboot.bin decrypter is from what i read just a 'dumper' as for decrypting you would need to know the keys.

    and the way about dumpin bd game to hdd... that's what some ppl with their test/debug consoles do here... tho they're using the debug packages (updates)

    but maybe your idea would work... tho psn games usually need to be activated...

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    crax0r Guest
    Well, I didn't mean installing PKG off an USB stick just like that - the PS Jailbreak adds the 'Install from PKG' function.

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    canabal Guest
    You can only install debug pkg files, not retail at this time. I am sure people will hack their way around that though.

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