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Thread: PS JailBreak Cloner x3Max is Now Offering x3Switch for PS3 Slim

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    X3 Programming Tool V2.00

    X3 Programming Tool V2.00 is now available for x3Max owners, from the ReadMe file:
    This version not only allows you to flash pre-compiled X3 Max firmwares as before, but now for the first time anywhere, our V2 update allows flashing of *any* hex file regardless of chipset. No longer will you need to wait around wondering when a payload for your chipset will be available.

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    Arrow x3MAX Generic V1.1

    Another update for x3Max users:
    x3MAX Generic V1.1

    This is a small fix to our generic hex loader, we found a bug where some of the newer hexes that have been released may not boot games correctly. Our V1.1 loader will resolve any such issues.

    Installation Notes

    - Run X3 Max Programming Tool V2
    - Select Load Firmware and load in x3MAX_Generic_V1.1.bin
    - Click program to flash your new Generic hex loader
    - Be aware, when you program the new generic bin, you will need to reflash a new hex payload as well, so load your favorite hex payload and click program.
    - Enjoy

    stay tuned for more from the X3 Max Team!

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