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    Mantagtj Guest
    Aiiii, There is NO way I am spending THAT MUCH for a flip switch LOL... They will be selling us the power cord next for $50, NO THANKS, but that has given me a great idea for a post that looks at different ways to enable your slim to be cold booted!

    PSJAILBREAK will do one next week for $90 lol....

  2. #12
    B1oH4z Guest
    i personally use a radio controlled switch:


  3. #13
    BwE Guest
    lol radio controlled. legendary.

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    costocart Guest
    I've always been dumbfounded by the fact that countries like US or the European do not have on/off switch on the wall power sockets or extensions. These are all developed countries. In Malaysia (a developing country), EVERY wall sockets and socket extensions (cost only $2) has an on/off switch.

    So they don't have to face with this kind of problem you guys are discussing in 3 pages. This issue perplexed me as much as the fact why this guy (herald.ie/multimedia/archive/00695/2809_cowen_graphic__695062t.jpg) is still in power.

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    pengekcs Guest
    this is a crappy nonsense rip-off. how about a power strip if you really-really need to have something like this? the pstwo (slim version) also did not have a switch (and the old fat ps2 did have one like the fat ps3) - so the same thing happened once like 6 years ago. no one complained. if you want to hack your slim, get a switchable power strip for much cheaper. eh ;*(

  6. #16
    solrac1974 Guest
    Thank god I have two fat boys here, if they sell a UWB-001 for same that price I will buy it for sure, but not a switch, c'mon!

  7. #17
    mcx997 Guest
    Useful for SLIM users, but surely risky for console. I unplug cable every time I off PS3, it's not comfortable, but we have to do much more every day (go to work and do "something", eventually kids, eventually wife), so comparing to this unplugging cable should not be a problem.

  8. #18
    azoreseuropa Guest
    Cool but 20 dollars is something they are looking for: PROFIT! They should think twice about its price because of surge suppressor cost us about 5 dollars. This is ridiculous overprice, no thanks!

  9. #19
    ramensama Guest
    Wow, it'd be much harder to deal with having to switch it on and off at the wall!

    But most of those developed countries had these electrical outlets for like 70 years. my house was built like 50 years ago and still has the same outlets from then.

  10. #20
    skrapps Guest
    youre better off just buying the handy switch, you can put the switch anywhere within 60 feet of the transmitter, i have them in my house theyre awesome: asseenontv.com/prod-pages/instant_switch_ontv.html

    i forgot to mention you can buy them at walmart.

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