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    PS ISO Tool v1.00 By CaptainCPS-X, Supports PS1 / PS2 / PS3 / PSP

    Following up on his previous work, today PlayStation 3 developer CaptainCPS-X has released PS ISO Tool v1.00 which supports PS1 / PS2 / PS3 / PSP followed by v1.01, v1.02a and v1.03 with details below.

    Download: psiso_tool_v1.00_[bin_and_src]_[win_x86]_[by_CaptainCPS-X].rar / psiso_tool_v1.01_[bin_and_src]_[win_x86]_[by_CaptainCPS-X].rar / psiso_tool_v1.01_[bin_and_src]_[win_x86]_[by_CaptainCPS-X].rar (Mirror) / psiso_tool_v1.01_[bin_and_src]_[win_x86]_[by_CaptainCPS-X].rar (Mirror #2) / psiso_tool_v1.02a_[bin]_[windows]_[by_CaptainCPS-X]_[inc_aldostools_GUI].rar / psiso_tool_v1.02a_[bin]_[windows]_[by_CaptainCPS-X]_[inc_aldostools_GUI].rar (Mirror) / psiso_tool_v1.02a_[bin]_[windows]_[by_CaptainCPS-X]_[inc_aldostools_GUI].rar (Mirror #2) / psiso_tool_v1.03_[bin_and_src]_[by_CaptainCPS-X].rar / psiso_tool_v1.03_[bin_and_src]_[by_CaptainCPS-X].rar (Mirror) / psiso_tool_v1.03_[bin_and_src]_[by_CaptainCPS-X].rar (Mirror #2) / psiso_tool_v1.03.1_alpha_(linux_support).tar.gz / GIT / PS3ISOBuilder_test.rar by aldostools

    To quote: UPDATE: PS ISO Tool v1.01 released (fixed a crucial typo) (please use this one)

    Changelog: v1.03 (November 11, 2013)
    • GitHub created for project (github.com/CaptainCPS/PS_ISO_Tool)
    • [source] Initial portability changes done and made Makefiles for both MSys/MinGW and MS Visual C++.
    • [source] Sorted out compilations warnings and fixed possible memory leaks.

    NOTE: This release still don't have support or checking for split files on directories when creating ISOs. Support for Split files will eventually come on future versions.

    Changelog: v1.02 (November 11, 2013)
    • Added feature to create ISOs using ImgBurn and patch them to comply with the PlayStation 3 disc header format.
    • Did a couple of cosmetic changes.

    Changelog: v1.01 (November 9, 2013)
    • Fixed typo, now all references to "vervose" are correctly named "verbose".
    • Removed accidental duplicate macro definition on "psiso_tool.h".


    [Register or Login to view code]

    Changelog: v1.01 (November 9, 2013)
    • Fixed typo, now all references to "vervose" are correctly named "verbose".
    • Removed accidental duplicate macro definition on "psiso_tool.h".

    v1.00 (November 9, 2013)
    • Initial Release.

    Example Windows Batch:

    EDIT: Removed "@" from script, because vBulletin messes it up

    [Register or Login to view code]

    [Register or Login to view code]

    [Register or Login to view code]

    [Register or Login to view code]

    [Register or Login to view code]

    To sandungas , zecoxao , aldostools , Ada Love Lace: check the source out I did a couple of modules from scratch that you might like (psiso_tool.h has info)

    PS: This already have been implemented into Simple NTFS ISO Mounter and tested, I wrote all the code to be portable and usable on both windows / ps3 / etc. More nice stuff will be implemented to these tools in the future. SeeYa!

    Finally, below is a PSX GAME PKGs For 4.50 CFW Tutorial by lionsfan420 as follows:

    This is just a tutorial to customize and make a PSX.Pkg to install on XMB in CFW 4.50. No need to stay on 4.41 CFW. And no need to mount through MultiMan. Thought I would write this tutorial because no one else has.

    Tested on Habib 4.50 v1.03 on Release day 60gb PS3. Notes: Ingame screenshots do work.


    1: Multiman 4.50
    2: LastGame (Latest Version)
    3: Aldostools LastGame Customizer
    4: RetroXMB
    5: PSX Game


    1: Make sure to have all the above installed and working.
    2: Its easier to make a empty folder on desktop to work. Place your Game in this folder.
    3: Open RetroXMB and select PlayStation 1 tab on the top and then browse for your PSX iso,bin,img.
    4: Under XMB Content Information Files, You may customize to your liking.
    5: After customizing, hit build Package button on the bottom. Save it int the desktop work folder.
    6: You can now exit RetroXMB.
    7: In the work folder where you saved the Pkg you just made, go ahead and extract it by right click (extract to current path). Let that extract.
    8: Next, open LastGame Customizer, Exit out of the first screen that pops up requesting a EBOOT.BIN.
    9: Under "Item Type" select "13=PSXISO"
    10: Under "Launch from Device" select "/dev_hdd0".
    11: Under "Title ID" copy in the ID from the extracted pkg that you just extracted. (PS1xxxxxx).
    12: Under "Title Description" Type in the name of the Game.
    13: next Under "Mount PSX ISO From", customize this according to the file structure in the recently extracted Pkg. (/dev_hdd0/game/PS1xxxxxx/USRDIR/NAME OF YOUR GAME.iso). (MAKE SURE THE ISO FROM THE /ps1_iso/ FOLDER, IS IN THE /USRDIR/ FOLDER.) Delete the /ps1_iso/ Folder.
    Dont forget this will be installing in /dev_hdd0/game/ folder,
    14: Under "Path for ICON0.png", use this format "/dev_hdd0/game/PS1xxxxxx/ICON0.PNG".
    15: Under "Path for PIC1.PNG", use the same format "/dev_hdd0/game/PS1xxxxxx/PIC1.PNG".
    16: now hit the make button, In the window that pops up, grab the Pkg you just made and drag it to the Desktop work folder.
    17: You can now exit Lastgame Customizer.
    18: In the desktop work folder, Go ahead and right extract the Pkg with the "-XMB[hdd0].Pkg" extension.
    19: now pull the 2 Pkg's in the desktop work folder onto the desktop and leave them there. Now you should be left with the 2 extracted Pkg's now.
    20: Open up the "-XMB[hdd0]" folder, delete the text file you see. then open up the folder you see (PS1xxxxxx).
    21: Delete the ICON0.PNG file. This folder is done.
    22: Back to the Desktop work folder, open the other folder now. delete the text file you see. (MAKE SURE TO CUT THE ISO FROM THE /ps1_iso/ FOLDER, AND PASTE IT IN THE /USRDIR/ FOLDER.)
    23: then copy the folder you see (PS1xxxxxx) into the "- XMB [hdd0]" folder overwriting that folder. Make sure to overwrite evrything.
    24: Next, right click on the "- XMB [hdd0]" folder and click "Make Pkg".
    25: Now you should see the Pkg you just made, Copy to usb stick or FTP over and install normally through XMB.
    26: Hooray, PSX games on XMB in 4.50 CFW!!!

    ENJOY!!! Thanx To all the Devs for your hard work.

    PSISO Tool v1.03.1 Alpha (Linux Support) by NoisilySilent

    Probably the dirtiest code I ever wrote... Meh...

    Anyways, here's basic support for linux ^^ ImgBurn is no longer used. mkisofs does the job

    mkisofs (or a link to it) needs locating in /opt/schily/bin/ (the place it settles if you build it from source)

    Built and tested OK on Raspberry. This is a VERY ROUGH DROUGHT of what it should be. Please, don't report my coding style is ugly, i know it is... I've been very lazy on this one, this code is dirty and hard to maintain... sorry. I'll try cleaning it up if i have time, which i doubt.

    Hope it'll help. Cheers.

    Finally, from aldostools: I love ISOs as you do... as I have been lately experimenting with the ISOs, I made this very quick prototype: aldostools.org/temp/PS3ISOBuilder_test.rar

    It's still an experiment and I don't know if I will ever finish it... it probably is full of bugs (I didn't test it much). It writes large ISO files (no split support yet), read/write large files (writes in chunks of 4MB), read SFO/ICON0, writes proper header, graphical progress and more. The best is that it is only 113KB.

    PS. I think the 2 in // unknown (always 0x02) in your code could be the number of Sectors containing the information. Also in the Sector 1, could you verify the number of Sectors at offset 0x14? In your code is vol_size is obtained from the volume descriptor at 0x8054 and written at 0x14, but in genPS3ISO the value at 0x14 is vol_size - 1. Could it be a bug in genPS3ISO? Or is that wrong in your code?

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Thx for the tool


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