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    Jul 2008
    So i will believe the more known people but there for i meen this "Giulio" should be banned there for he trick us all and come here to get more user for his site or what ever.

    His Tool totally usless......and every step could be done by a Noob.

    copy and past Man a tool only for C&P and present the whole thing like he have found the sin of life.

    And oh yea first copy .dat than _00.dat BS.A order for Copy files?

    A few test and a noob like me found out that the game must on the HDD befor he make the backup.

    He Giulio you master nothing.....go and play with you C64

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    I think you guys are being a bit harsh on Guilio, he has brough to our attention that there is something within the whole backup + inject method, i think he should be appreciated for his work, every little helps! And to everyone slating him, there is no need, you were all supporting him when you thought a ps3 hack was just around the corner yet some guy calls him a fake and everyone is against him.

    Just my oppinion.

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    Jul 2008
    Yea and if you rename a .ISO you could download it to ps3.

    So in a special case its the same injection like this one.Nothing news but his presentation hyped everyone for nothing.This is useless like all other holes or exploits what will be present on the sys.

    Im a noob but i think a vulnerability from Home MAYBE could do more as this... what ever it should called.

    Or the explaination of the PS3 BIOS looks more interesting for me than this...

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    I would wait and see what the devs on this site have to say before jumping to a conclusion.

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    Jul 2008
    They userīs self with testing have to find it out or a better known user will it explain to us.

    Same like with the service mod thingy....

    I mean that they wait for the correct time to come out with correct news.

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    Jan 2009
    BUBUBU... what a shame!! BUT HOPE WILL NEVER DIE

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    i knew it, from scratch... the whole copying progress etc. doesn't make any sense at all.

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    Certainly there's no way that copying files *in a specific order* to the HDD can make any difference. PS3 OS reads FAT32 volumes just like any other.. it looks for names. It doesn't look at the age of any entry in the directory table to determine the correct file to read.

    Sure, Guilio has identified something.. that if you corrupt your backup files, you can end up with broken icons in the XMB. Whether this side-effect could lead anywhere is a mystery, but for now it's sounding pretty weak.

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    Nov 2008
    good luck Giulio

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    damn another miss :/

    i actually hoped this wasnt bs... it sounded like it right from the start, still my hope made me believe in this...

    cant sony just allow homebrew software? i dont even want to copy games....i just want to get the best of my ps3, it could be an even cooler mediastation in my livingroom, which looks nice too..

    Id love to help u guys... but i guess this is out of my league

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