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    base24 Guest

    Project: Warhawk Running Entirely from the PS3 HDD

    I am working on a project and have Warhawk running from PS3 HDD.

    - No PKG version

    - No Warhawk disc while WH is running

    - Motorstorm running as proxy disc

    - Legal way

    I won't explain the details here yet until the project is finished 100%, also cuz many devs want to take a look at first and not get it patched that fast.

    More to come soon...

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Hi base24, I approved this but moved it to our PS3 Hacks/Projects section since this is unfinished for the time being.

    Also, the resident PS3 Devs are aware that Warhawk runs entirely from the PS3 HDD but the method used was allegedly patched on PS3 Firmware update 2.50.

    Does yours work on PS3 Firmware greater than 2.5?

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    wreksta29 Guest
    great news, hope sumtin can come of it! if not oh well..

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    lostrophet Guest
    great news i hope you succeed in it

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    wreksta29 Guest
    i dont think anything will come of this now..

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    TRI4D Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by wreksta29 View Post
    i dont think anything will come of this now..
    I hope you're wrong!

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    ajrobson Guest
    Hope this does work I want warhawk! anything i can do to help let me know

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    prozac214 Guest

    Great job

    work or not this sounds like a great project and very time consuming, and no matter the result sounds like it is a step forward in the right direction in being able to play off the hdd.

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