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    Quote Originally Posted by aajkhan View Post
    Hi everyone, does this mean i can downgrade my 3.42 FW ps3 to 3.41 with payload? yeah, yeah i updated my ps3 and now i'm super pissed off.
    nope you can't downgrade, because there's no jailbreak for 3.42, if this service mode is true, you have to jailbreak first and the go to service mode, so you are still stuck in 3.42, but you can sell you machine on ebay and buy a new one that had been manufactured before september 8.

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    why do people keep saying this is fake? that pic of the tv dosen't look chopped to me.. i can't wait till this is released to see if my slim can run other os.

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    thanks Murcielago, i guess that's goodbye free ps3 games for me then, at least with my current console. thanks again.

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    RichDevX is a reputable dev, he was part of the PSgroove team.

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    If RichDevX is saying he did it, its real so stop hating... I'm sure it will be released faster then you all think!

    Look how long it took them to reverse the PSJailbreak, what was it 4 days? Now in the last 3 1/2 weeks look how much stuff has come from that! You can only imagine what is in store in the next 3 1/2 weeks

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    I'm not saying it's fake at all, because I doubt it is. But apparently those pics are from a long time ago so chances are that he is not currently working on this right now. I hope and pray he does figure this out and releases it soon. That could change the whole ps3 scene.

    Quite frankly, if this is true then it might be a way to downgrade any PS3's firmware... unless this is solely working on an exploit. If it is not working on an exploit then that would mean that he figured out sony's own jig and how to replicate it... which I doubt. But even if he did, I am sure more info would have been released by now being that those pics are a couple months old.

    Just a thought.

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    Couple of months old? How do you come up with that piece of info??

    If I see the photo I would say the date is standing on 9/22 as in 22nd of September isn`t it?? So unless it`s from 2009 wich I would doubt it`s actually no more then 1 week old

    Plz do correct me if I`m wrong

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    The pics actually are only a few days old... The sad thing is that it probably will never be released.

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    This is amazing. I know this might sound nerdy but I feel like the Gods in Homer's "Iliad", when the Gods are looking down on the humans that are battling in war against eachother. What I mean is, SONY are the Trojans and the Homebrewers are the Greeks, battling it out as we, the people (the gods) sit and watch $ony and the homebrewers/hacker and exploiters fight for security vs. emulators/homebrew/hacks. these are awesome times to own a PS3! SUCK ON THAT Crap-box360!

    P.S. I can't wit until there is a hack/exploit for the PS3 2.50 firmware.

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    this is awesome news ! can't wait to see what this will bring ^_^

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