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Thread: Project: Resident PS3 Devs Are Seeking a Talented Coder

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    iCEQB Guest

    Thumbs Up Project: Resident PS3 Devs Are Seeking a Talented Coder

    I'm here now to announce that we (the resident PS3 Devs), are currently looking for a talented coder!

    What we are expecting from you:


    - Very good / strong C / C++ knowledge (preferably commandline tools!)
    - Ability to work yourself into (and setup) SDKs, Toolchains, etc.
    - Ability to code tools, that help us to reconstruct our reverse engineered progress / information we gained (like the ECC recalculator by NDT / RPS)
    - English skills
    - Some time

    A BIG plus! (but not required):

    - worked on consoles before (preferably playstation series!)
    - expierence / worked with shaders!

    A plus (but not required):

    - ASM skills
    - Debugging skills
    - Cell B.E. skills
    - Worked with IBMs Cell SDK
    - (Not development wise) Other languages (tell us which one you can speak!)

    What you can gain from this (if requirements match):

    - 0$ / month !!!
    - directly joining the crew as a PS3 Dev!
    - get latest information from deeper inside (non-public infos)
    - work with some cool dudes :P
    - if you look at the requirements, you should see where this is going and what goodies you can expect

    If you think you perfectly fit into these requirements, then show us some of your previous work so we can take a closer look into this.

    If you have any questions, please reply or contact me via iRC. I'm on EFnet, nick: iCEQB (and sometimes iCEQB_alt, if internet connection gets messed up )

    /msg iCEQB message

    I hope that we get a cool new crew member asap!

    Thanks in advance!


    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Apr 2005


    I added it to the Site News and moved it here.. people can reply or contact you via IRC. THANKS in advance to those willing to help out!

    PS: I also made this a Sticky for awhile to give people a chance to read and reply if they fit the bill!

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    travis134 Guest
    Good luck guys; I would apply, but unfortunately I do not have much experience with C/C++, shaders, or assembly. I will have learned Assembly by the end of this coming fall semester however; so we'll see how that goes.

    I'm probably not the best candidate; however I do know Java, Action Script 3, PHP, Logic Design with circuits and many other computer related odds and ends. If you believe that I could assist in any way; shoot me a PM.

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    ionbladez Guest
    Well now.
    I'm not exactly strong with C++ but some C variants are what I'm into.
    I've been doing some crappy vb apps lately and not much anything else.
    I do know some asm, along with some delphi (if that matters).
    I'm 100% english speaking and have "messed" with the cell sdk.
    However IBM is not my strong-suit.

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    I am +Rep'ing all who reply here... even if your listed skillset doesn't help with what the PS3 Devs are currently working on/seeking help with, this thread can be referred to in the future should the need arise to contact individuals who possess certain skills as things progress.

    PS: For the current PS3 Devs who aren't on IRC, it would be great if you can list programming languages or areas of expertise here too!

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    Tsusai Guest
    Delphi (aka a hardcore pascal) here. I can try and provide simple tools, converters, etc.

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    apie Guest
    Hi there!

    I can code a little bit C / Cpp, but i'm familiar with Delphi / Pascal, Visual Basic, 16-Bit ASM and WIN32-ASM.

    I would be glad to help you, if you need my skills

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    RexVF5 Guest
    I can do some C (not so much C++), I used to do x86 assembler years ago but in last few years switched to Java almost completely. I did some cracking, keygens in x86 in one of the scene groups in the past but focused on trickier Java stuff. I am still proficient with IDA and x86 binaries and can crack an opcode here and there...

    Switched to Linux 2 years ago so setting up toolchains is not an issue.

    Languages: English, Russian, Czech and few words in Mandarin Chinese

    I guess there would be better candidates but if not I can give it a try....

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    Quote Originally Posted by RexVF5 View Post
    I guess there would be better candidates but if not I can give it a try....
    Ya, don't worry about that... Someone did already approach the PS3 Devs on IRC who is exactly what they are seeking for the more immediate position, but honestly this is something we should have done long ago.. if for no other reason than to get a feel for what skills/programming languages members here have.

    Keep them coming guys.. I will continue +Rep'ing all legitimate replies.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Delhpi/Pascal: very good
    Assembler: good
    Have background in debugging for x86, doing reversing engineering (legally )

    Russian: native
    English: excellent
    Japanese: beginner

    Have been following PS3 and Wii scene for two years

    Do not know if I'm the right man, but you can count on me

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