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Thread: Project: Resident PS3 Devs Are Seeking a Talented Coder

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    DarkArchon Guest
    Hey guys, ive completed my computer science degree last year and working full time in a programming position (mainly using javascript and abit of c#/xml work). I know java quite well (creating a java mobile game) but also know a little bit of c/c++. Ive done work on openGL which is quite fun. Ive looked at Assembly code but not in great detail (1 semester). I speak english only.

    Hope this gives u some idea of what i am good at.

    Thanks, DA.

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    GZA1984 Guest
    C,C++,VHDL, assembly experience. Mainly hardware programming/embedded software, but have written PC applications as well. I Know stuff about basic electronics as well. (creating PCB's and stuff like that)
    Main Languages: English, Dutch, Portuguese
    Secondary: German, French

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    iCEQB Guest

    first of all...thanks for your replys .. but guys, the requirements are clear!
    If you say "I have experience in C / C++" or "I'm a pro at delphi", this is NOT matching our reqirements

    So please guys, IF your skills match our requirements, contact me ... else

    Thank you in advance!


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    revel8n Guest
    C/C++ Programmer
    x86 Assembly experience as well (some VB and Pascal also)
    Mainly a computer graphics programmer (games, training simulations, etc.)

    I currently do a bit of file format reverse engineering in my spare time (game formats mostly, i.e., and have no problems stepping through executable code (doing plenty of that trying to figure out RE4 and MGS2 file formats). I have no problem coming to grips with sdks, and have some experience working both officially and unofficially with the xbox xdk, and would love to gain a better understanding of the playstation architecture (and any other console/computer for that matter). Visual Studio and more recently IDA Pro are very familiar and i happen to enjoy debugging code.

    Let me know if there is anything i can help with, regardless of whether i fit the original post or not.

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    Preceptor Guest
    Well... iCEQB, I'm pretty sure I don't fit your requirements but, since PS3News asked about the members' skills, I will tell mine.
    I graduated at computer science about 3y ago and I have a pretty good knowledge of C and C++ language (I made some games / some peer-2-peer networking jobs using them, and a lot of other academic work).

    I have some experience in JAVA and Pascal and some other weird languages like prolog, lisp and verilog hardware language. I also know a tiny little bit about assembly but... nothing that can be made of use. I know absolutely nothing about working with SDKs and I have no knowledge whatsoever about the PS3 architecture. I also know english, portuguese.

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by iCEQB View Post
    first of all...thanks for your replys ..
    Since we have now added a new PS3 Dev I am just using (hijacking ) your thread to get others to list their programming languages or special skills... this way, as the need permits we can have a nice list of what members specialize in which things.

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    darksyde Guest

    My skillset is more web and design oriented. Java/J2EE, javascript, ajax, spring, css, etc.

    So if you ever wanted a website done, or improved.

    Hope the PS3 Dev team are working on something interesting, with the requirement of a new member.

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    aries2k6 Guest
    Congrats to whoever filled the position that the dev team needed and good luck to anyone else looking to get on board. Im more of a tester myself. The only programming Ive done is on old basic languages, like Qbasic and yabasic. Then on the psp, I got quite familiar with Lua, lol. great language for beginners but useless for hacking. since I got the ps3 Ive learned a little C/C+. that was mainly to try and tweak some of the existing ps2 homebrew so it would work on the ps3.

    The languages I speak fluently are English and portuguese. I also know a little spanish.

    Although Im not a hacker or dev myself, I always like to try the tools the devs so graciously provide so I can hack my consoles. So keep hacking

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    ZBlacktt Guest


    Hmm, I own a IT placement firm here in the NW. I could find qualified candidates for this position. As I do this everyday for clients nationwide. We deal in H1 and H2 visa's as well.

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    monostatic Guest
    I am quite adept at C/C++, and I am very versatile. I also have a history of working on xbox developments and exploits under a different pseudonym.

    I have been working on the ps3, with negligible collaboration, but the amount of time I have spent thus far has been limited. My occupation is currently quite demanding. I have a few areas of the ps3 that I have been focusing on that I have seen little discussion about, but I believe may prove fruitful.

    I have been utilizing a ps3 with 1.51 FW, which I have not upgraded. It would be extremely beneficial if I could gain access to a dev unit or a ps3 with < 1.50 FW.

    Feel free to contact me if you would like to utilize my skills/experience.

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