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    Foo Guest

    Project: PSP N64 Emulator Running on PS3 in Development

    So over the past couple of weeks I have been working on basically getting a PSP N64 emulator to run on the PS3. In this folder contains all the work I had been using.

    Within the file it may not seem like a lot but it's all useful for referencing. There EDAT tools here, Deadalus sources & unpacks, and a little program I built that may have some sort of use. (It's meant for EBOOTs but if the PBPs use RSA signatures this will disable them. Along with another useless feature. (I'm still developing it)).

    I felt as if this should be opened as I need a bit of help


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    smokyyuwe Guest
    Mediafire mirror http://www.mediafire.com/?jwi356czmcftq5q

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