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    When coding the emulator, one could just map the buttons to also work on the analog stick

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jes03 View Post
    If you look in the flash folder there is already PS1, PS2 and PSP emulators. How about just finding a way to open them up to play whatever we tell it to play instead of making emulators for them?

    Just like the remote play option there must be some way to tell the PS3 that all PSP games are minis so they play with that emulator.
    Well the original PS1 emulator that works on all retail PS3's just sux, so hoping for us is the current best PC PS1 emulator will be ported to the PS3 so we can actually play good upscaled antialiased PS1 games (and I can finally play X-files which is garbled in the original PS1 emulator on the PS3).

    Also the advantage ofcourse of using an 'opensource' emulator is the fact support is better, so if a game doesn't run correctly you can easily ask for better support (whereas with Sony you just run into a brick wall as they won't enhance their emulators).

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    The PS3 is getting better and better...

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    this is going to be a cool achivement for the ps3 scene.... i cant wait for the rain of giant pixles... games will probably end up looking like the ps2 port of GTA:Liberty City Stories, large and pixilated thats the way we play psp on the ps3.

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    Oh man I almost crapped myself when I read this, even though I have BC unit that is awesome. I will be installing this just for save state support if included.

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    Wow cool idea, keep on the good work guys XD can't wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by twitch View Post
    Oh man I almost crapped myself...
    I've had quite a few of those moments on this board over the past few months xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by hamada View Post
    The PS3 is getting better and better...
    It only does....everything we want it to.

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    cant wait to play final fantasy cris core on my ps3


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kantraz View Post
    When coding the emulator, one could just map the buttons to also work on the analog stick
    It would be pretty cool if the right stick could be mapped to do the same as the psp buttons. I think that would work good on fps games that use the buttons to strafe, move forward and backward. Other games, not so much.

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