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    Apr 2005

    Post Project: PS3 Exploit Backup Tool & PS3 Hacks Forum Now Open

    Many have been following the PS3 Exploit Backup Tool thread by Giulio19992 which is a project his Italian PS3 Dev Team has started. The current status of the project is that selected members are now finishing tests with current results as follows:

    - gio23 [DONE - WORKED 100%]
    - $n4k3 [DONE - WORKED 100%]
    - aaaaa93 [INCOMPLETE]

    An external HDD or Memory Stick of 4GB or larger is required along with their files, and for complete details check out their ongoing project thread in our newly added PS3 Hacks Forum.

    Exploit PS3 Backup Tool:

    Exploit PS3 Backup Tool (.PKG) Fixed:

    More PlayStation 3 News...

    Update: This is just a copy of the Site News post on the Project... you can also use this thread for discussion too.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    COOL! This will be the best beginning of 2009!

    Only 1 problem: The size of a normal game would be aprox 20 GB. Does this mean i need to buy 1 HDD for 1 Game

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    Apr 2005
    I don't think we are even to a point of worrying about that yet hehe... this just has never been tried by the PS3 Devs here so they are experimenting with it, but hopefully tomorrow I can get CJPC to post in English for all of us exactly what is happening as it's a bit hard to follow.

    At least we can use this thread for more of the English discussion while they use the original one for the Italian feedback.

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    libralion Guest
    Oops, my 1TB external HDD is already on its way.

    I guess I was just too excited.

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    sigarette Guest
    Giulio Benvenuto Su Ps3news Ti Ho Mandato Un Messaggio Privato Spero Che Mi Accettix_x

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    sibbor Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by libralion View Post
    Oops, my 1TB external HDD is already on its way.

    I guess I was just too excited.

    Good read otherwise!

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    Xplic1T Guest
    What does this do again ?

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Why bother about the size of a game? I think it will be the same like on the ps2 it was.Happy ripping of games

    Also we have the BDGen and 1TB external hdd is not to expensive.

    For me this news make the Blue Loader more interresting. Dont know if it will be the same team or not.
    But know people will think that maybe this blue loader is true.

    We will see.....

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    meni12321 Guest
    i dont get it ! again what it is doing?

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    Syr0n Guest
    you backup your system files onto a external device, edit them on the comp and restore them back on your ps3... unsigned code can be put in those backup files in a certain way...

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