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Thread: Project PS3 Blu-ray WIP Seeks to Restore Drives Post-Downgrade

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    Project PS3 Blu-ray WIP Seeks to Restore Drives Post-Downgrade

    Previously we reported that PS3 downgrading hinders Blu-ray movie playback along with some work-arounds while markjtarr began a Poll on working/non-working drives post-downgrade, and today Project PS3 Blu-ray seeks to restore functionality using feedback from PlayStation 3 downgraders.

    Download: Project PS3 Blu-ray DRL Backup v0.01

    To quote from PSGroove (linked above): "They are asking anyone with a PS3 to run an app they have developed, which will dump certain files related to Blu-Ray playback.

    It does not matter if the Blu-ray problem is affecting your console or not, your files are still needed for analysis. Once analyzed, this should lead to a permanent Blu-ray playback fix!"

    From the included ReadMe file: One of the most exciting recent developments is the ability to downgrade PS3s to previous firmwares. Unfortunately this has proven to have an unexpected side-effect for certain older ("phat") PS3s:

    After downgrading, systems with 256MB of flash RAM (NAND) lose the ability to play Blu-Ray movies. Despite what you may have heard or what has been promised by certain unscrupulous sellers of USB-dongles, there is no fix at this time.

    That's why we have formed Project #PS3bluray and are trying hard to remedy this situation. However, we can't do it without you. To find a solution, we need your help!

    We are not asking for any money; all we need are a few short moments of your time. This is your chance to actively contribute and support the community, by helping find a solution!

    WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP: To solve the Blu-Ray problem, we need a file from inside the PS3's NAND, specifically the DRL1/2-files located inside dev_flash3. DRL is short for "Drive Revocation List"; these files are reponsible for allowing Blu-Ray video playback.

    In order to collect and analyze as many DRL files as possible from PS3s with working and non-working Blu-Ray playback, we have created an easy-to-use utility called DRLbackup, which automatically extracts DRL1/2 and creates a zip archive, which we'd then like you to send to us by email.

    Please note that this file does not contain any personal information or serial numbers and can't be traced back to you. It is perfectly safe and anonymous.


    1. Start your PS3 in Jailbreak mode
    2. Put DRLbackup.pkg into the root of any FAT32 USB storage device and connect it to your PS3.
    3. Install DRLbackup.pkg (under Game / Install Package Files), then run it from the XMB.
    4. The screen will go black for a few seconds. When DRLbackup is done you will be returned to the XMB.
    5. Verify 3 files were written to the USB drive: Copies of DRL1/DRL2, and a .zip file named like:
    6. Send the zip-file to [email protected] (keep the copies of DRL1/DRL2 as personal backup).

    That's it, thank you for your time! If all goes well, this may lead to a way to return Blu-Ray playback capability to all PS3s that have lost it.

    ABOUT: Project #PS3bluray was formed on efnet by a group of enthusiasts after the Blu-Ray playback problem was discovered, our goal is to find a solution. For serious discussion, join us in our IRC-channel #PS3bluray on efnet.

    PS3bluray DRLbackup v0.01 was compiled with PSL1GHT to gather forensic evidence regarding the PS3 Blu-Ray Playback issue.

    Thanks to everyone involved! Your time and hard work is very much appreciated!

    [imglink=|Project PS3 Blu-ray WIP Seeks to Restore Drives Post-Downgrade][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Project PS3 Blu-ray WIP Seeks to Restore Drives Post-Downgrade][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    BwE Guest
    good luck to them!

    this is a very important project for everybody concerned

    much respect <3

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    crud26 Guest
    Thanks for taking the time to work on this problem guys. The scene really appreciates your effort :-)

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    viewtonic Guest
    Great initiative, I'll help out for sure.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Nice try!

    Although i am not able to help... i used the "hack" to restore it so i think it's unusable for you.

    But good luck!

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Hmm, I have an PS3 with 128MB NAND doesn't recognize that my drive doesn't work. So no need for me. Good luck for those who need it.

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    ZhorzH Guest
    Maybe possible make back up from 3.50 with 3D blu ray and install to 3.41?!

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    lefterisk Guest
    Thank you guys!

    Will we waiting news from you. I hope a good one!

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    aries2k6 Guest
    I wish these guys the best of luck on this project. BD playback is an important feature of the ps3.

    Thanks for taking the time to find a solution to this problem.

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    BwE Guest
    without blurays we have an xbox pretty much

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