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    Project: PS1 Emulator for PlayStation 3 Being Investigated

    Over the weekend DemonHades and ifcaro, who not long ago brought everyone the PS3 USBLD Loader to play PS2 iSO back-ups on the PS3, have begun investigating the possibility of a PS1 emulator for the PlayStation 3 console.

    Below is a rough Google translation from Spanish of their findings thus far:

    We bring fresh new info to know a little more how the emulator PlayStation 1 works. The first thing to say that this information is solely and exclusively on the Web for an idea that you do... PlayStation 1 emulator consists of 2 blocks:

    The emulator itself made up of:

    - ps1newemu.self 810,016 Bytes
    - ps1netemu.self 839,704 Bytes
    - ps1emu.self 886,336 Bytes
    - ps1_rom.bin 4,089,584 Bytes

    Looking inside I have seen some interesting things:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    I say... actually it sounds PS2. The PS1 emulator is created to use the EE (PS2 processor) to run the emulator PS1... Of which there are all models of PS3 can run PS1. Recall that:

    - Japanese PS3 emulate PS2 and PS1 for using ee and physical gs.
    - European PS3 emulate PS2 and PS1 for Esar ee (emulated) and physical gs.
    - 40gbs of the forward and continue to be emulated ee therefore can run the emulator PS1 as this set up to run in the ee of PS2.

    In the short run PS1 emulator on PS2 in the heart of the model 60gbs and 40.80160. This means one thing... One could run the PS1 emulator via SwapMagic?

    If a perfectly tailored and sequenced loader for this. And not only that but there is a curious thing as a kind of list where a strange text... SLPS_000.65 ummmmm and say it means?


    FREE mcboot, there is nothing that does that... in the BIOS for PS1? And it will say that PS2 BIOS and you're confused... then no, each have different content. Besides I have seen and as you see displayed mc0 PS2, it seems to create a PS1 MC inside the PS2, but the emulator to have some independent functions... Slowly, things appear:

    By adding the 3 gives me selfs size: 2.536.056 Bytes

    But getting the inside of a rar ps1_rom.bin gives: 2.394.819 Bytes

    This makes me think one thing... Sony could do the following:

    - Put the file in a tar.
    - Part-3 file into pieces.
    - Signature-separated files (converts SELF) and used as an executable header which can be interpreted and then their union again (ELF).

    If that sounds interesting... What I do not understand is that the executables are called "PS1blablabla". The list of modules for PS2 where you get that? of ps1_rom.bin? One thing, I think the BIOS of PS2 are 4mb... it is possible that there are two BIOS file?

    I do not think the emu to be done on a PS1 BIOS for PS2. Especially after having verified that the BIOS has the same alleged osdsys out on PS2. While the BIOS dumper, so that the Japanese like to have another PAL osdsys different launching the game directly.

    I don't know where this change has come, but I doubt that our lead PS3... just say what I think. I do not think the emu for PS1 is made within the PS2... change mind when you see any evidence (other than against this theory)

    We pulled into the BIOS of PS2 and 60gb models are slightly modified specifically osdsys is different (the game launches directly). While in this supposed osdsys the BIOS is the same as a PS2.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    RMX Guest
    Is it possible to extract all these files from a firmware update? Some of them are very interesting for me.

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    Quote Originally Posted by RMX View Post
    Some of them are very interesting for me.
    Dumps have been made from countless Firmware BIOS quite some time ago, here is one from 2.20 FW to examine:


    http://rapidshare.de/files/45596044/220.rar.html (mirror)

    http://www.zshare.net/download/561124619c355c00/ (mirror)

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    RMX Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    Dumps have been made from countless Firmware BIOS quite some time ago, here is one from 2.20 FW to examine:
    Thanks a lot. OSDSYS looks very interesting to examine.

    Those 2.20 FW files are definitely for the PS2 emulation. It looks like PS3 core runs PS1 emulator directly while native PS2's OSDSYS launches rom0:PS1DRV in order to execute PS1 game disc. The OSDSYS file from 2.20 dump just reads network configuration from hard drive, validates hard drive state and launches a game (if it isn't marked as "incompatible" in XPARAM2's application list).

    PS: OSDSYS refers to rom0:MBRBOOT module which is not available in archive. However the OSDSYS itself contains an IRX module to load encrypted modules from hard drive. So it appears Magic Gate feature was not removed from PS3.

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    davides74 Guest

    ps1 emulator

    does the ps1 emulator work well on the ps3?

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    tommyc Guest
    I really hope they figure out a way to emulate ps2 games on ps3. I have a stack of them I would love to play. But my ps2 console crapped out a few months ago.

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