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    ev1l51xty51x Guest
    Adding Peek/poke to there firmware will cause the dongle to brick lol

  2. #62
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    How did you come to this conclusion?

    People throw statements based on guessing.

  3. #63
    henker2010 Guest
    cfwprophet a few days ?? another 4 weeks, what's the problem you don't release NOW ?

    but anyway i believe you. a dev say, it's possible to dump the elf of a 3.6+ eboot from ram, easily without any hardware. so you are on the right way, but how long have the people to wait for a patched eboot.

    you say that you would make some games playable, please make dirt 3 and mw3 first. thank you for the project, cfwprophet

    sorry for my bad english

    greetz from germany

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    ev1l51xty51x Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by pr0p0sitionJOE View Post
    How did you come to this conclusion?

    People throw statements based on guessing.
    Sorry my bad. Had two threads confused. Just ignore it.

  5. #65
    ps3hen Guest
    So cfwprophet, you having problems with getting the eboots?

  6. #66
    elser1 Guest
    maybe hes too busy playing all the new games lol

    we all know if it was easy to do it would be done by now. i'm glad hes trying just gotta hope he or someone else has success and is nice enough to share.

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    kanketsu Guest
    The curse of Diablo 3? I have seen many succumb to this one. lol

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