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Thread: Project: POC of PS3 RAM Dump and Decrypting 3.6+ Games

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    Siggy12 Guest
    I think that you are technically prepared...... but you LACK in english TOO MUCH!!!.... and probably we can't communicate well or maybe is my fault ? who know... anyway...

    First... before to attack me READ (is not so difficoult READ AND UNDERSTAND !!! ) my post up the answer to KSDBeast I was showing" RESPECT TO YOU" but You don't seems to GET IT... so... OK.... if this is the way no problem, probably you don't like me!!!!!! this can happen in LIFE !!!

    Second.. is this the point ... your last question... What ever have you released to provide something to the scene ? my answer... how about you guys ??

    What you expect from me when you are working for (Today) NO Results ? mine are the same... NO Results (I'm jocking....)

    Third... One question from me to you. the word SCENE (This famous WORD!!!) maybe in the PS3 contest have LOST HIS MEANINGS .... what kind of SCENE IS ? if is only for just a few of people 1000 / 2000 / 1000000 can enjoy and is not for everyone ? please answer this question because I'm really curious about.

    at the end.. I believe you if you said to me that you can run unsigned code on Official Firmware 3.60 and above or you decrypt bootloader and everything.... WHY You are afraid that I don't have to believe You ? did You really think that I asked to you to post the it ??

    No no.. I really don't care about it... I'm curious but if You think that these kind of things have to stay private KEEP THEM PRIVATE GUYS!!! show them when need to be showed, you can say to me everythings and I always believe to you guys without ask nothing back... did you see me ask something back somewhere ???? is impossible because simply I NEVER DO THAT !!! remember DON'T BE AFRAID THAT I DON'T BELIEVE YOU because is not like THIS trust me, I always TRUSTED YOU GUYS.


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    ev1l51xty51x Guest
    Hmm, a bootloader exploit? Makes me wonder if it could be patched by $ony. Great work non the less.

    Best of luck in all your endeavours.

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    ph4rcyd3 Guest
    Everybody, calm down. cfwprophet, don't mind the haters. Leave them alone. Keep your focus on what's important to you and if you have some spare time and you could work on this project, we would truly appreciate, man. Keep up the good work.

    PS: Like I said, I'm on OFW 3.61 and won't upgrade since the few games I enjoy don't require anything above this. I don't care about PSN and on-line stuff. If you need some beta tester on 3.6x firm, just drop me a line. I willing to help, bro.


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    Brenza Guest

    [Rumor] How to decrypt 4.xx game eboot

    I can't confirm this but i heard about a way to get 4.xx game eboot working on 3.55 firmware... here it is!


    - A debug console is required
    - The original BD game is required (i think you can also use a backup with ps3gen and the bd emulator)

    How to

    There's a way to get a decrypted dump of the eboot and the .self file directly by the console running the original debug firmware, while you run the game you can read the decripted file "on the fly" directly. Obviously this dump won't work on 3.55 fw as it need to be edited to become compatible with 3.55 instructions

    Sorry my bad english, i hope this will help someone!

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    snowhill2 Guest
    sorry for my noob question- i have a test ps3 but what is ps3gen?

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    shummyr Guest
    its the official tool to build ps3 isos, that run on dev consoles

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    ps3hen Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Brenza View Post
    I can't confirm this but i heard about a way to get 4.xx game eboot working on 3.55 firmware... here it is!
    Debug PS3's can't decrypt retail .self files. So trying to run a 3.60+ game on a Debug console will achieve nothing except an error.

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    Brenza Guest
    What about the video where some little boys claimed that he created a 3.60cfw and played a backup of mw3 online?

    Wasn't it a debug console? o.O

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    snowhill2 Guest
    i can play (original) 3.60+ games on my test ps3 without an error!

    but i can't run any bm on it! everytime i try to run the mm mod it say no bdemu found!

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    cfwprophet Guest
    ps3hen sure you can run retail games on a debug console. The debug fw and retail fw have the exact same keys. Who have told you that you can't run retail games on a debug console ?

    brenza How you want to dump a game on the fly with a debug ?

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